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Beauty Enhancing Food Delights!

Posted on 17 Apr 2011 at 3:24pm

In an attempt to squash the false assumption that our ability to enhance our beauty is all in expensive beauty products, here’s an amazing list of the best fruits, veg and more to make both our exterior and interior look and feel gorgeous!

If your anything like me your bathroom and toiletry bags will be full of lotions and potions bought in an attempt to have thicker/longer hair, softer/glossier skin, stronger/longer nails and then some. However the real trick is getting a few extra staple foods into your meals that do wonders to enhance what we already have! The best part about doing this is eating this way is this time it’s not focused on any pressure of weight loss and is merely a smart way looker better without the endless and tedious routines! Another advantage is

that the foods mentioned will also have other positive side effects that are great not for for beauty enhancement but also for your health.


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