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UPDATED: Beyonce Is Tellin’ Em to ‘Move Your Body’ & Mrs. Obama Shows Em How It’s Done!

Posted on 05 May 2011 at 1:19pm



Check out Mrs. O showing them how it’s done on her ‘Move Your Body’ campaign. Home girl’s got moves! Check it….

You know I saw this video and thought…nop, nothing bad to say about this Beyonce Video…not a bad hatting word will come outta this mouth on this one! Not that I would ‘wink wink’ . It’s fab…I love it. Beyoncé has teamed up with first lady Michelle Obama with the aim of promoting a campaign ‘Let’s Move’ The video is fun, fast and trust me a few pounds will be shifted! (minus the heels of course!)

The purpose of this campaign is to confront and deal with childhood obesity in the USA. What better way to get the message across than with a very up tempo dance video to get us all moving. The track was remixed by Swizz Beatz who put a spin on the original ‘Get Me Bodied’ track from her album B-day.

The video will be distributed to middle school students across the country, along with instructions on the several steps (called “missions” to match up with the lyrics of the original), to make learning process easy. They need to be distributed over here! I am sure if I do this once a week I can officially cancel my over the top rate gym membership surely!

Beyonce is skilfully doing the salsa, running man and then some in a pair of Christian Louboutin Popi Lace-up ankle Boots ($995/£595.45), teamed with a pair of Green American Appareal Knee High Socks:

Check out the fashion and the video here on! Enjoy!









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