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What Your Date May Ask You The First Time & How To Answer Him!

What Your Date May Ask You The First Time & How To Answer Him!

Posted on 18 Dec 2013 at 9:10pm

It is not that your date will grill you the first time and he may not be looking for the ‘right’ answers from you per say. He just wants to be sure that you are honest on a lot of things. If you are not careful with the answers you give, you may get yourself into an uncomfortable situation. This is the reason I am going to take you through how do deal with some very common first date question.

Tell Me About Your Work

This is one question anyone will ask you in any type of gathering, so your date may not be different. He is not going to be looking for a job description, rank or your title, he just wants to hear about what you do in a positive light. He wants to hear that you are confident with what you do and there is passion in what you do. He may not want to hear complains about your job at this stage

What Are Your Hobbies?

Here, your date wants to know what you really like to do aside your job. You should try and stay away from hobbies like ‘going out to watch movies’, except you are able to explain to him how fulfill you are with this hobby. You should not list off activities for him, else he will think you have no deeper touch with yourself. (more…)

How To Date Someone With Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI)

How To Date Someone With Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI)

Posted on 08 Dec 2013 at 1:08pm


The title alone may draw you back but if the truth be told, some of us are currently dating men with sexually transmitted infection (STI) with or without knowing it. I have known enough to realize that it is not just irresponsible, reckless, ignorant men who end up with STI, we can be victims of this today even when we take the necessary precautions.

This is because a lot of these infections may be passed even when there is an available condom. To compound it all, they may not show symptoms for a while. It is very possible that in this life you will fall in love with, date, or end up getting married to man with an STI like herpes or HIV. Do not worry; I have tips to take care of it for you.

Appreciate Him For Being Sincere

A lot of partners may never tell us that they are infected and for the partners who are bold to say it all, thank them for coming out.

Some men find it too embarrassing or even feel that it is nothing when it comes to talking about their status as carriers of STI. It will not be fair if he doesn’t tell you and if he is able to tell you, it shows a lot of moral integrity on your partner’s part for caring enough about your health to put his ego aside and tell you he has an STI.

Tell Him It Is Not A Death Warrant

It may be too late to run from him when you realize that he has STI. What do you do? It is so simple; let him know he is not given a death warrant. You should not put blames on him or flog him unnecessarily with words. It may drive him nuts or at worse keep him away from you especially if you are married to him. (more…)

How To Win Your First Date

How To Win Your First Date

Posted on 28 Nov 2013 at 11:39am

We spend a lot of time preparing for every first date, the clothes must be good, the makeup should be perfect and no smudge, and we take time in front of the mirror making sure, we are good to go.

However, this does not mean our first date will be a success…Sometimes; it is so horrible that we wish the ground will open and swallow us. I have tips I have used over and over again that will help you avoid date disaster and have a great date with your man.

Make Sure You Don’t Confuse His Name

A lot of time, we end up in a date with a totally strange we do not know his name, to avoid an awkward situation, when you are with this strange or ‘half-baked’ friend, in a seemingly romantic scenario, maybe a corner table, restaurant or even seductive cocktails, make sure you know his first name. If you can address your date by his name before conversation, it will give him the feelings that you know him better.

Smile While He Is Talking

You never know what your smile can do…No fake smiles or he will detect it and run. The look on your face is what will make your date tell you more than he will have wanted to say. I have tried this with some of the men I have gone out with, and you may not believe the result I got.

They suddenly get free and express themselves naturally while I may end up telling less of me. What I am trying to say here is your smile can make your first date a perfect one. (more…)

Secrets Your Man Would Not Want You To Know

Secrets Your Man Would Not Want You To Know

Posted on 26 Nov 2013 at 3:28pm

As ladies, we have a lot of secrets…Secrets we have stocked in our private chambers where men are not permitted to visit expect when we allow them in. The men are not left out in keeping things away from us too, they are more skilled and experience in keeping secrets no matter how much we have known them.

A lot of us have to spend days or worse years trying to get out some slashed away secrets from our man. Do not be dismay, we have some secrets your man may want to keep away from you, so be ready to catch them red handed the next time they try to hide things

Men Lie To Handle Situations

Do not give me that look… Read on first before you hit me. Men are notorious for telling white lies, this is no longer news for us ladies, once in a while we fall victims to these lies.  This does not mean that some of these lies are going to be harmful to us. As soon as your man is smart enough to understand what ticks you off or what makes you blow hot, he would do and say anything possible to avoid this, even if he is going to lie. If you catch him in his lies, talk things over with him.

Men Want Women To Act Like Men

Do you know that your man would want you to act like a man especially in some situations? You see your man feeling like a daredevil in some frightening situations and, you are wondering how on earth did he have such courage?  Do not be carried out for long, he only did it because you are looking up to him as a saviour. Men will want you to stand out and handle some circumstances without you looking for their help. (more…)

Is This One More Reason Why You Should Not Marry? Couples Start Taking Each Other For Granted After Just Three And A Half Years Of Marriage

Is This One More Reason Why You Should Not Marry? Couples Start Taking Each Other For Granted After Just Three And A Half Years Of Marriage

Posted on 10 Feb 2013 at 1:51pm

I bet you did not know that, the honeymoon period lasts for only 3 and half years after marriage. After that, couples start taking each other for granted says a new research.

Is this one more reason why you think marriage is not for you? I have heard someone say, this is one of the major causes of divorce. After all, if you buy a fridge and it stops cooling your drinks, all you will have to do is buy a new one.

According to the research;

after three and a half years of wedded bliss, cuddling up on the sofa in the evening is a thing of the past, with couples more likely to go to bed at different times.

And by this time in a relationship, rather than settling down to enjoy an evening together, the likelihood is that couples will eat at different times, sit in different rooms and zone out of a conversation in favour of watching television.

Kate Jones, of Co-operative Food, which commissioned the study, said:

‘This research shows once they’ve tied the knot, it’s all too easy for couples to start getting complacent and start taking each other for granted”.

I think this even happens if you’ve been with your boyfriend for long enough.  The initial days are full of all the hugs, touching and cuddles. But with time, things can get really sloppy and uninteresting, especially in bed.

Once the honeymoon period is over couples often let bad habits take over, and forget to go the extra mile to make each other happy.

‘We all know that it’s the little things that make a big difference, so adding a bit of quality time, like re-introducing ‘date nights’ or enjoying a meal in together, could be a good way to show you care.

‘Bad habits begin to creep into the relationship, such as breaking wind in front of each other, showering less, women forgetting to shave their legs, not closing the bathroom door when using the toilet and leaving the toilet seat up.

This is where I think most of us women fall (married or in long term relationship)

The study also found appearance takes a turn for the worse, with many dressing down in tracksuit bottoms or pyjamas before their partner gets home.

Not bothering with make-up and ditch matching underwear in favour of granny pants also becomes common place.

Additionally, this is the stage when familiarity with each other leads to memory loss regarding events such as wedding anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, Christmas and even birthdays. (more…)

Research Shows That Women Moan & Scream In Bed Because They Think It Makes 'Banging' Better, What The HECK?

Research Shows That Women Moan & Scream In Bed Because They Think It Makes ‘Banging’ Better, What The HECK?

Posted on 03 Feb 2013 at 8:44am

Sometimes I wonder the sort of women these researchers use and those who pay for the funding…

If an overwhelming 92 per cent of women questioned by researchers at Leeds University said they felt “vocalisation” boosted their partner’s self-esteem, then I am sure these researchers are definitely talking to the wrong women.

According to a recent research, men find it easier to climax if their lovers do a lot of panting and moaning — and 87 per cent of women quizzed said they used noise deliberately for that purpose…REALLY?

What about the many of us women who truly enjoy the act and truly moan and scream because we are enjoying the experience and journey?

I hate it when I come across such researches because it makes it seem, we are a bunch of fake women out there and our only prime purpose is to pleasure men, nothing more than that.

The same research claims that 9 out of 10 women admitted making more racket than their partner — and seven out of ten men agreed…

If the journey is good, you will definitely fly with the noise as a woman but to think about faking it purely to satisfy your man surely sounds like you do not have your own bed needs, and it is all about the needs of the man…

I moan but only when I am having the best journey of my life…What about you? Are you one of the many women faking it purely to please your man?

I Hate To Do This But Checking Partner's Mobile Phone Is Most Common Way Affairs Are Exposed

I Hate To Do This But Checking Partner’s Mobile Phone Is Most Common Way Affairs Are Exposed

Posted on 26 Jan 2013 at 12:32pm

I am against snooping through the mobile phones of partners when in a relationship. To me, it is either the person loves you and he/she is being faithful or does not love you and therefore he/she is cheating…

When people are cheating, you do not have to go through their phones to find out. You can easily spot it through their actions and behaviour pattern. It is simple as that!

What I hate and hope I will never do is to secretly go through a partner’s phone. What happens if you find nothing? What happens if you find out that the person is not cheating? You would have undermined the trust upon which the whole relationship is built.

Contrary to my thinking, the below article which is based on a poll states that the most common way affairs are exposed is by checking partners’ phone.  I wonder what happened to paying attention to partner’s behaviour.

Via DailyMail

In the past, lipstick on the collar, the scent of another woman’s perfume or receipts from mysterious dinners for two were the clues suspicious wives looked for to discover if their man was cheating.

But in the age of modern technology, now snooping on a partner’s mobile phone is the most common way to catch them out.

‘Going through mobile phone’ has been cited as the top reason why illicit affairs have been exposed, according to a new poll.

…And the easiest way the phone gives cheats away is…

The iPhone’s auto preview messaging feature – which brings a text up on screen as soon as it comes through – was named as one of the ways technology can easily expose a cheat.

How many people have been caught cheating, courtesy of phone snooping?

Nearly 2,400 UK adults, all of whom had either been caught cheating while in a relationship or who had found a partner was being unfaithful to them in the past, were quizzed by a mobile phone insurance website on the circumstances in which the infidelity was discovered.

Almost half of those questioned – 41 per cent – said checking for evidence on their partner’s mobile phone was the reason why an affair came to light.

The second most common way to catch a cheater was via social network websites like Facebook (23 per cent) and by going through their files on their personal computer or tablet (13 per cent).

A minority of 11 per cent were unable to cover their tracks so they were caught face-to-face while 5 per cent had to be told their partner was up to no good by a friend or family member.

Just two per cent admitted having a guilty conscience led them to making a full confession.

Mobile phone insurance website conduced the research after noting a rise in the number of claims for breakages that occurred to handsets during relationship splits or arguments.

Almost a tenth of the respondents taking part said that a mobile phone had become broken as a direct result of an argument within a relationship, such as by being thrown or dropped.

John Lamerton, managing director of, said: ‘You’d be surprised how often relationship arguments and cheating gets cited in mobile phone insurance claims, even though we often don’t ask for that depth of detail.

‘Evidently, those being unfaithful in relationships need to keep better tabs on who is looking at their mobile phone, as it’s by far the most common way in which cheaters are caught. Either that, or they should nip their cheating ways in the bud!

‘To see references being made to the auto preview feature on the iPhone wasn’t surprising. I’m sure that’s got a few people into sticky situations in the past.’


Women Now More Likely To Want Sex Than Their Male Partners

Women Now More Likely To Want Sex Than Their Male Partners

Posted on 25 Jan 2013 at 6:02pm

It’s no longer women bailing out of late night intimacy with cries of headaches, stomach cramps and baby-related exhaustion.

These days men are actually more likely to be the ones saying ‘not tonight, darling’, with 62 per cent saying they turn down sex more frequently than their female partner, according to research.

New research from an online pharmacy in the UK has revealed that, despite common stereotypes, men are more likely to turn down intercourse with their partner than women – with ‘tiredness’ and ‘work stress’ cited as the most common male ‘sexcuses.

The study, conducted by, polled 1,922 British men aged over 18 and in a long-term relationship, and was conducted after the site noticed a marked increase in searches for libido enhancing medication throughout the first half of January.

Respondents were asked questions relating to their sex life with their partner. Those taking part were asked who turned down sex more frequently, them or their partner, and 62 per cent of men polled said they did.

That majority was then asked what their most frequent ‘sexcuses’ were – namely, the reasons they gave their partner for not wanting sex.

The five most popular being that they were too tired (45 per cent), stressed about work (39 per cent), had a headache (39 per cent), felt too full after dinner (29 per cent), or there was something good on TV (24 per cent). (more…)

Why Men LOVE Our Orgasm Face, How They Know We Are Faking And Top Tips On How To Perfect Yours

Why Men LOVE Our Orgasm Face, How They Know We Are Faking And Top Tips On How To Perfect Yours

Posted on 23 Jan 2013 at 12:37pm

What part of the female body do men look at most during sex?

Breasts, bottom or other parts, right?


Studies show the part of our anatomy that men focus on most when watching women have sex, isn’t our ‘naughty bits’.

It’s our face.


Most men – justifiably – believe our facial expression provides the best possible indicator of whether or not we’re faking orgasm.

Our ‘orgasm face’ is something our parents rarely talked (or indeed thought) about, but it’s now a widely accepted term and topic.

When you think about it, we’ve been watching people’s ‘orgasm’ faces in the movies for years.

The camera invariably hones in at the crucial moment to find a head thrown back in ecstasy, hair artfully arranged, a bead or two of sweat becomingly placed.

Porn has orgasm faces aplenty – except, just like the Hollywood versions, they’re not remotely real.

I was privy to seeing the real thing in vivid detail when I did The Sex Inspectors, which involved watching video footage of real couples having sex, then analyzing where it was all going horribly wrong.

I can therefore report back that most people’s facial expression at the point of orgasm isn’t anything like the movies or porn suggest.

It is, I’m afraid, a bit like what most of us fear.

Most people look red in the face, sweaty (and not in a good way), our faces contorted and scrunched up in an unflattering fashion, mouths often open in a kind of roar (that’ll be the blokes).

Then there are the strange noises people make, let alone things they say.

So we’re fairly safe in the common assumption that our own orgasm face may not be too pretty.

But so what if it’s not?

Sex isn’t about looking pretty. It’s about lust and passion which are raw, primitive emotions.

Quite frankly, if I was sleeping with someone whose face remained terribly composed at the point of climax, I’d be a bit miffed!

Far sexier to look out of control and like you don’t care what you look like!

It’s also intimate to keep your eyes open and trained on each other.

David M. Schnarch – a highly respected U.S. couples’ counsellor and author – is a huge fan of ‘eyes open orgasms’ saying it strikes him as absurd that we’d want to close our eyes at such an intimate moment.

I’ve given it as ‘homework’ to couples I’ve worked with and while all struggled to begin with to keep their eyes open, saying they felt embarrassed and self-conscious, those who kept going, said it turned out to be one of the most erotic and loving moments they’d experienced.

Some people swear by it, others can’t do it without laughing.

I think it depends a lot on your personalities and is a bit like yoga: it inspires a love or hate reaction.

Worth giving a go though…unless of course, you have something to hide.

Because men are right: our faces are a brilliant indicator of whether our orgasms are real or not!


Why Body Language Not Facial Expression Could Be The Key To Discovering Your Partner's Mood

Why Body Language Not Facial Expression Could Be The Key To Discovering Your Partner’s Mood

Posted on 21 Jan 2013 at 1:10pm

If you want to know what is really going on with or in the mind of your partner at any point in time, you have to pay attention to his or her body language instead of facial expressions which many of us do…

The below article explains why and I think you should read it too…

Via DailyMail

It’s a situation anyone in a relationship is familiar with – you think you may have upset your other half but you can’t be sure.

Now researchers say confused partners would do better to check their other half’s body language rather than trying to decipher their expression.

While conventional wisdom says that the face best communicates feeling, a study from Princeton University found facial expressions could often be ambiguous. They said that people struggled to tell just from a headshot whether someone was experiencing an extreme positive or negative reaction.

Body language however turned out to be a far more reliable guide.

In four separate experiments the researchers asked participants to work out from photographs if people were experiencing feelings such as loss, victory or pain from facial expressions or body language alone, or from both.

Participants who saw the face only had a 50-50 chance of being correct, whereas those who only saw a body or the face and body together were far more accurate. (more…)


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