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A Thin Line: Paranoia vs Intuition....

A Thin Line: Paranoia vs Intuition….

Posted on 23 Mar 2011 at 11:40am

Theologian, Florence Scovel Shinn, once said, ‘intuition is a spiritual faculty that doesn’t explain, but simply points the way.’

After watching and observing with all the females in my life, mother, sister, aunts, friends, grandmother, neighbours, cousins and all that we sometimes go through. I pretty much decided at young and curious age that intuition was a gift God gave to women, because lets face it in all that we ladies sometimes deal with in life, we very much need something extra in our survival kit. As the carer of the two sexes it makes sense that we need an almost magical way of figuring things out before the situation inevitably outs itself.

I know all to well how frustrating it can be when you’re being accused by your man that you are paranoid. Whilst you are trying to discuss with your boyfriend about something you see or hear that just doesn’t sit right with you about his behaviour, what’s the first thing he tells you? ‘oh, your just being paranoid…why are you so paranoid’. Well at times he may have a point but other times there maybe good reason for you to feel the way you do about what stirring in your gut. The smart point is to know the difference and know how to react. Realistically we all experience some paranoia to some degree but the important thing is for you to acknowledge it in our relationships as it can be very destructive.


Beautiful, Fabulous and Single: A Dedication...

Beautiful, Fabulous and Single: A Dedication…

Posted on 05 Jan 2011 at 4:15pm

Have you ever had that friend or friends who has pretty much been single for most of the time you’ve known her and you just don’t get it? Not only does she glow in the dark on nights out but she is also an amazing person who always looks fab and knows how to have a good laugh. I guess we ladies are very different in our intimate relationships because it never makes sense why a lot of my now single friends are single. Aside from the fantasy make-myself-feel-better list: They’re either married, gay, in the army, in prison, a vicar etc.


Are You Talking To Me? 'Pride...The Fall of Man' Swallow It & Grow Wiser

Are You Talking To Me? ‘Pride…The Fall of Man’ Swallow It & Grow Wiser

Posted on 31 Dec 2010 at 12:10pm

“Know what you know, know what you don’t know, and know who knows what you don’t know”

It takes a certain type of person with a certain type of quality to take on board constructive feedback and constructivism, no matter how painful the advise may seem. The first time someone told me ‘you’re too sensitive in nature’ I’d look at them as if they were speaking a native  language from an undiscovered African Village. Me? Sensitive? If you say so! The thing is when someone makes such a comment about our personality, you can either brush it off in denial or think, do they have a point? Either way when the fifth or tenth person says it then it’s not denial it’s turning into arrogance!


Herbs and Honey

Herbs and Honey

Posted on 29 Nov 2010 at 10:39pm

Herbal Teas and Honey…One of my fav (guilt free) hot drinks to sip on. Ok well it’s basically a case of, if you’re going to be munching on junk food then the rule is, have a cheat so you can counteract all those Krispy Kremes, Thorntons, Pizza etc etc. My cheat is herbal teas. I love the stuff, mainly because it’s not just about keeping slim and trim, it’s good for you and has so many healing effects on the body. So I’ve compiled a list of all the teas I’ve sipped on and used to cut a few ‘health corner’ plus a bit of useful information on all the good things they can do for you.

As with all remedies herbal teas are not for everyone and some of the herb manufacturers should always explain when you should avoid taking them, (pregnancy, hypertension etc) just as in conventional medicines. I’ve also come to realise that a lot of the time when people try certain herbal teas they say it doesn’t work, it’s just a case of knowing that the chances are if you were not drinking it at all the issue would probably be worse.

Healing with herbal teas can be a slow process but it is safer due to the minimal side effects or damage to other organs if taken long term (as chemical drugs can do) BUT as with everything…too much of anything is bad for you! So please don’t overload the minute you discover a tea that you can’t get enough of.


Motivational Message Of The Week: How To Gravitate Towards “Becoming A Millionaire”, The Simplest Realistic Concept But Difficult To Practise

Motivational Message Of The Week: How To Gravitate Towards “Becoming A Millionaire”, The Simplest Realistic Concept But Difficult To Practise

Posted on 22 Nov 2010 at 5:03am

Many are of the view that success is relative. I do not contend this stand but in our world where many are chasing a common goal, this fades away the relativity of success, crafting a common objective measuring rode for us all.

Most individuals would love to become millionaires one day; a set target to signify a successful breakthrough in their lives of hard work and running around. We have set a common goal of “becoming a millionaire”, however we are lost as to the direction to be taken to reach our “millionaire” goal. (more…)

Healthy Foods Myths Revealed

Healthy Foods Myths Revealed

Posted on 13 Nov 2010 at 5:33pm

It seems to me that the experts are always changing their minds about what is healthy eating and what is not, so it’s no wonder some of us are confused! I’ve always had a thing about knowing about food and nutrition because I see it as another way of choosing the way I want to look and feel and I can do it by myself. In keeping with this interest, I always feel like what is good today is not so good on another day.

Like many other females, I know much about the off and on dieting patterns and you surely learn much along the way, you soon figure out what works and what doesn’t. FSA (Foods Standard Agency ) has outlined some important points to know about the myths surrounding those infamous diet tips!


The Debate Continues: Body Enhancements

The Debate Continues: Body Enhancements

Posted on 11 Nov 2010 at 11:00pm

I do feel the reason why people choose to surgically enhance their bodies is the quick and almost instant results you can get. Ever wonder why you see Victoria Beckham and many other celebs lookin’ so slim after childbirth. Some celebs have admitted to having lipo before leaving the hospital with their new baby. Basically it all gets done around the same time! Extreme right? I think so!

Although with the numerous possible side effects of blood clots, internal bleeding, infection and in some extreme cases it can be fatal, it would seem then that the only other inexpensive, guilt free way to ‘enhance’ your body is to do it the conventional way. Intense, drawn out, sweat producing exercise! Ok no, it’s not so bad! That’s for the fanatical gym freaks that get addicted to having muscle bound bodies and I’m not in this category. (more…)

Well Being: Natural Highs

Well Being: Natural Highs

Posted on 09 Nov 2010 at 10:24pm

No matter how many times I read this it always makes me feel just a little bit better than I did before. Then I can remember to try and do them more often ! Number 2 tends to hit the spot…I don’t think we do enough tummy clutching.


1. Being in love.

2. Laughing so hard you clutch your tummy.

3. A hot shower. (more…)


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