Staying Younger Even When Age Knocks At Your Door

Staying Younger Even When Age Knocks At Your Door

Posted on 30 Nov 2013 at 10:30am

The saying that women fade like flowers may not be far from the truth. This is because a lot of us make mistakes when it comes to aging by not doing anything at all. We fail to realize that our makeup, hair, clothing and all those efforts to look great in our younger age, often may work for us while growing older.

Getting older is a wonderful experience if we can take care of ourselves as ladies and accept the person we see when we stare a little longer at the mirror. I am not going to weigh you down with a lot of talks because I want to teach you how to age gracefully with a few tricks. Embrace The Fact That You Are Getting Old 

One of the reasons why we see some of us sink into depression is because we were unable to come to the realization that we are no longer going to look prettier than we were once without wrinkles and worries. The faster we embrace the fact that we are aging the better for us.  The way to beat old age is to live our lives to the fullest, keep busy with our jobs, pursue new dreams and get involved with others. We are only as old as we think…

Wear The Same Makeup You Used During Your Younger Age

There is a secret about makeup, the makeup we use can tell us how old we are. What I am trying to tell you is there is no need packing your makeup bags and only applying it as if it is no longer useful to us.  If you can take out time to get a good makeup kit for yourself, you would add beauty to your looks. You do not need to spend so much money in getting one because an affordable but good one can be all you need. (more…)



Posted on 28 May 2013 at 9:11am

As soon as I set my eyes on this trend I wasn’t so keen but then I thought that about skinny jeans all those years ago and and considering  that’s pretty much what I live in, in every colour imaginable, I figure I can give the peplum leggins a chance.

The peplum leggins is a recreation of the peplum top, dress and skirt. So it was only a matter of time before this idea would spring fourth. This peplum design is perfect for looking elegant whilst hiding and unforgiving bulgies hence is popularity within all styles of clothing

These leggins have a rara skirt attached to the top of the leggins and has been described by online fashion store  Muehleder as ‘ Leg- Lengthening, Bold and Sexy’. Recently,  the likes  Kim K have been spotted wearing the trouser version of  the new craze, though it wasn’t the most flattering version of this new trend.

I seen some awful creations and some daring but likeable version (see below). If you want to be different and step out in something more creatvie than a simple peplum top and leggins then this might be a style to setp out in. Will it become a popular trend? Well at $145.00/£100.00 maybe not so hot.



New Craze...Textured/Velvet Nails: Like it ?

New Craze…Textured/Velvet Nails: Like it ?

Posted on 04 Feb 2013 at 5:03pm


Just when I’m getting my head around the leather  polish craze a new one pops up! However I’m not the type to jump on a trend just for the sake of it and truth be told…it’s highly unlikely i’ll be trying velvet/textured nails. Though it’s said don’t knock it till you’ve tried it so I’ve been roaming many a blog/website to check out the new textured nail.

The textured nail is basically as it sounds, it uses a nail polish and ‘fluff’ to give a textured finish. The new look seems to be a hit among the beauty blogs which claim the manicure will last up to three days, even stays  intact when it becomes wet and is easily removed with standard nail polish remover. So if you’re looking for something a little current and unique….check out the video clip below by MUA  (Make Up Academy) which talks you through applying a textured manicure.




photo credit: MUA, The Black Pearl Blog

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REAL Reasons Why Men Cheat On Beautiful Women…

REAL Reasons Why Men Cheat On Beautiful Women…

Posted on 20 Jan 2013 at 2:34pm

Trying to understand men when it comes to cheating is like trying to solve a Chinese puzzle when you cannot read Chinese.

It is always difficult to understand why a man will cheat, especially on a very beautiful woman he has. But it happens all the time.

After speaking to several of my male friends one this topic, I have decided to share some of the reasons they gave as to why most men cheat on their beautiful partners.

If you think you are beautiful and that means your man will be faithful and glued to you alone, then you are up for the big shock. Being exceptionally beautiful does not guarantee faithfulness in the world of men.

This is why so many beautiful women such as Halle Berry have been cheated on and are so insecure in life. These women know that, being physically beautiful will attract the men but then it takes more than that to keep them for yourself only.

If a man is cheating on his beautiful woman, then it is one or more of these;

She Knows Nothing More Than Looking Beautiful

It is true that men love to be with beautiful women, especially those who know how to project glamour and prettiness all the time. However, men quickly get bored with looks and begin to look beyond the physical appearance.

Faithfulness hardly comes from physical attraction, emotional connection is needed to seal a deal on faithfulness.

When a woman is only good to be showcased around in beauty, men begin to look out for the important things that make up a loving relationship. For instance, a man wants to be taken care of and if a beautiful woman won’t bend over to get that done, he will surely look around for where he can find that. (more…)

Fashion & Beauty: Why Women Are Hooked On Hair Extensions

Fashion & Beauty: Why Women Are Hooked On Hair Extensions

Posted on 28 Apr 2012 at 8:17am

As a woman who chooses to wear hair extensions few times out of the year, I thought it wise to address the issue and also know people’s opinion on how these extensions work for them.

The average woman will always want to look good before she steps out especially paying close attention to hair.

Having had a chit chat with some few women out there, most of them gave different views as to why they will always go for hair extensions.

A friend who works in a Bank says she has a limited time during the week to do her own hair because of her busy schedule in the office. She therefore goes for the extensions so that she can focus on other domestic stuff during the weekend with her little out of Bank time.

Others friends are also of the view that, the hair extensions gives them a different look that makes them glow all the time, mentioning that the hair at point need to go through a transition so they use the extensions as a cover up to grow new hair.

I will like to emphasis on the fact that not every extension is suitable for the hair or face.

For those women who have been looking at hair extensions as a way to add extra length to their hair, and still want the hair to look as natural as possible, there is only one choice. The best way to achieve this look is to use the human hair.

Although you can find a number of different types of synthetic hair extensions on the market, you are going to find that the majority of them never look as good as you would like them to.

One of the greatest things about the human hair extensions is you will be able to treat the extensions in the same manner as you do your hair. This means that you can leave them on while you are showering and wash and condition them right along with your own hair. You can also use your curling iron to add style or change colours anytime you want. (more…)

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