REAL Reasons Why Men Cheat On Beautiful Women…

REAL Reasons Why Men Cheat On Beautiful Women…

Posted on 20 Jan 2013 at 2:34pm

Trying to understand men when it comes to cheating is like trying to solve a Chinese puzzle when you cannot read Chinese.

It is always difficult to understand why a man will cheat, especially on a very beautiful woman he has. But it happens all the time.

After speaking to several of my male friends one this topic, I have decided to share some of the reasons they gave as to why most men cheat on their beautiful partners.

If you think you are beautiful and that means your man will be faithful and glued to you alone, then you are up for the big shock. Being exceptionally beautiful does not guarantee faithfulness in the world of men.

This is why so many beautiful women such as Halle Berry have been cheated on and are so insecure in life. These women know that, being physically beautiful will attract the men but then it takes more than that to keep them for yourself only.

If a man is cheating on his beautiful woman, then it is one or more of these;

She Knows Nothing More Than Looking Beautiful

It is true that men love to be with beautiful women, especially those who know how to project glamour and prettiness all the time. However, men quickly get bored with looks and begin to look beyond the physical appearance.

Faithfulness hardly comes from physical attraction, emotional connection is needed to seal a deal on faithfulness.

When a woman is only good to be showcased around in beauty, men begin to look out for the important things that make up a loving relationship. For instance, a man wants to be taken care of and if a beautiful woman won’t bend over to get that done, he will surely look around for where he can find that. (more…)

Motivational Message Of The Week! Decide Now...

Motivational Message Of The Week! Decide Now…

Posted on 02 Jul 2012 at 4:31am

Despite the known fact that our decisions determine our achievements and non-achievements, our joy and opulence, many of us are still stuck and struggling to decide on some of the most important things in our lives.

Our decisions are the stones upon which we build our dreams, thoughts and visions. To decide on anything therefore is the most crucial and significant action that shapes our lives.

We must begin to decide and we will realize the magic of making those decisions. A non-decisive mind is pretty much like a worthless mind.

As we journey through life, we must begin to put more thoughts and efforts into our decisions. More importantly, we must decide on things and decide them now. (more…)

Motivational Message Of The Week: The Fear Of The Unknown Is The Fear Of Nothing, So Why Is That Holding You

Motivational Message Of The Week: The Fear Of The Unknown Is The Fear Of Nothing, So Why Is That Holding You

Posted on 18 Jun 2012 at 4:36am

It is preposterous but extensively true that many of us are held back from taking new steps, risks and even chase our loving passions by the fear of the unknown.

The uncertain nature of the unknown beams into us a catastrophic fear, something which has successfully become an obstacle in our lives.  Most of us have ceased to live years ago because we have been shadowed by the fear of the unknown.

Life without calculated and non-calculated risks is no life. Life without attempts and steps towards discovering new beginnings and opportunities is no life.  What is life if we cannot enjoy and make sense of our passions?

Most of us have ceased to live because all the main substances of our existence have been curtailed by the fear of the unknown. We are not taking new steps and risks because we are scared of what might happen-the unknown.

We are failing to chase our dreams, passions and live them because we are afraid that we may fail to achieve what we envisage-the fear of the unknown.

Over the years, we have refused to look at new things, new ideas and concepts, new directions and have not subjected ourselves to any substantial change. Despite the truth and light in the new opportunities that have come our way, we have failed to follow up because of the fear of the unknown.

We have shielded our existence with comfort. Discovery and exploration does not exist in our world. In spite of the vast world we find ourselves, we have developed strong comfort in our little corners. Strong comfort and content are clear indications of the fear of the unknown. We are scared to get out there and be part of the bigger world, grab the bigger opportunities and live the big life we wish.

On personal levels, many of us have not met new people in life because we are scared of the unknown.  The unknown has no definition because it is not absolute, it is not yet seen, tasted or experienced, yet it scares the hell out of our whole existence. (more…)

Motivational Message Of The Week: How To Forever Stay Young & Relevant In Life

Motivational Message Of The Week: How To Forever Stay Young & Relevant In Life

Posted on 04 Jun 2012 at 5:46am

The desire and effort to stay young have engulfed the minds of our generation. Despite our inherent desire to stay young and remain relevant in life, most of us will fail because we are on the wrong path.

Staying forever young is not an illusion; it is achievable and many people are already living it.

Staying young and relevant in life does not come with cosmetic and surgical enhancements. It does not also come with holding on to power or authority in life.

For us to achieve the rapidly spreading desire of staying young and relevant, we must first be able to ascertain what makes us ‘feel’ old.

We do not grow old by living a certain number of years on earth. We rather grow when we stop achieving new things and stop filling those years of existence with new substance and value. (more…)

Motivational Message Of The Week: You Are Unhappy In Life Because You Want To Be...

Motivational Message Of The Week: You Are Unhappy In Life Because You Want To Be…

Posted on 28 May 2012 at 4:44am


It may sound ridiculous to be told that you are unhappy in life because you have decided to be so. No matter how unthinkable this sounds, that is the reality of life.

Life has its own problems and accidents which we do not have any control over. The results of these events can be exceptionally depressing and will dwell with us for as long as well allow it.

What we cannot control are the uncertain happenings of life-be it positive or negative. However, we have the ability to determine how long the aftermath dwells and sadden our entire existence.

Your happiness in life is entrusted into your own hands. People will behave as they prefer towards you.  People and things will continue to disappoint you. The pains of your struggles together with the actions and omissions of others will pierce deep into your heart, but that is as far as it can get.

For these things to undermine your total existence and shadow your happiness, you have to allow them to take over your strength and time.

A happy person in life is the individual who is able to control how long he allows the misfortunes of life to live with him. Anytime such a person is hit by the storm of pain and sorrow, he bounces back quickly to look for the little opportunities scattered in close proximity by the storm.

Not far from every catastrophe lies an opportunity. It takes only the unfettered spirit to go searching for these real opportunities. (more…)

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Motivational Message Of The Week: Life Without Problems & Difficulties Is No Life

Motivational Message Of The Week: Life Without Problems & Difficulties Is No Life

Posted on 21 May 2012 at 4:55am

One thing we will all agree on is that, life is difficult. The difficulties of life breed several problems. However, the difficulties of life are not what makes like thorny, rather trying to avoid these difficulties.

So life is difficult but it is not so difficult, what makes it so difficult is our attempts to avoid the difficulties.

Instead of embracing the difficulties of life and working hard to overcome them, we make like extremely difficulty by trying to avoid the difficulties. (more…)

Motivational Message Of The Week: The Reason Why Your Life Is Difficult

Motivational Message Of The Week: The Reason Why Your Life Is Difficult

Posted on 07 May 2012 at 4:26am

‘Life is difficult’ and it is the same for everyone. I hear a lot of people unconsciously saying-, their lives are difficult. I mostly reply by saying; who said it was going to be easy?

The difficulty of life is embedded in its lousy and uncertain nature. Beneath the difficulty of life which we mostly complain about lies the most precious gift of muscles building.

The journey to overcome life’s difficulties makes us stronger and enables us to build priceless skills which we need to establish the purpose of our existence.

The beauty and wonders of our existence are all buried in the difficulty of life. For us to be able to find the true purpose of our existence, build fathomless skills and perfectly grow our inner beings and muscles, we must fight the difficulties of life. That is the only way we would be able to develop ourselves and achieve greatness.

What is greatness if it is achieved without difficulty or hard work? Achieving greatness is only possible because life is difficult.

The difficulties we go through in life to achieve greatness are what make it worthy and enviable. After all, who will consider something great or will envy it if it could be obtain without any effort? Do you envy your friend who has failed? (more…)

Fashion & Beauty: Why Women Are Hooked On Hair Extensions

Fashion & Beauty: Why Women Are Hooked On Hair Extensions

Posted on 28 Apr 2012 at 8:17am

As a woman who chooses to wear hair extensions few times out of the year, I thought it wise to address the issue and also know people’s opinion on how these extensions work for them.

The average woman will always want to look good before she steps out especially paying close attention to hair.

Having had a chit chat with some few women out there, most of them gave different views as to why they will always go for hair extensions.

A friend who works in a Bank says she has a limited time during the week to do her own hair because of her busy schedule in the office. She therefore goes for the extensions so that she can focus on other domestic stuff during the weekend with her little out of Bank time.

Others friends are also of the view that, the hair extensions gives them a different look that makes them glow all the time, mentioning that the hair at point need to go through a transition so they use the extensions as a cover up to grow new hair.

I will like to emphasis on the fact that not every extension is suitable for the hair or face.

For those women who have been looking at hair extensions as a way to add extra length to their hair, and still want the hair to look as natural as possible, there is only one choice. The best way to achieve this look is to use the human hair.

Although you can find a number of different types of synthetic hair extensions on the market, you are going to find that the majority of them never look as good as you would like them to.

One of the greatest things about the human hair extensions is you will be able to treat the extensions in the same manner as you do your hair. This means that you can leave them on while you are showering and wash and condition them right along with your own hair. You can also use your curling iron to add style or change colours anytime you want. (more…)

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Motivational Message Of The Week: Start Building Your Life Now!

Motivational Message Of The Week: Start Building Your Life Now!

Posted on 23 Apr 2012 at 4:56am

The most dangerous thing we can do to ourselves is failing to plan for our existence. The ability to shape and build our lives is the greatest gift available to us.

The problem however is that, most of us have no personal plans and therefore end up tapping into the plans of others. Leaving someone to build your life for you is extremely suicidal.

You will not leave your most precious property in life to someone…so why let someone build your life, your future and your well-being?

Most of us are doing nothing towards building our lives. After all, that is the easiest thing to do in life…Do nothing. However, nothing gets done by doing nothing. Your life will not get itself built by simply doing nothing.

It is heart breaking that we spend lots of time caring about the things we care about without rendering any service to them. Simply caring about something is not enough. It will not build that thing into its fullest capabilities. To build a life, we must begin to invest our time and strength into the things we care about.

We must stop being watchers of our lives, patiently waiting for something to fall on our laps. Remember nothing gets built by just waiting or watching.

Many of us are so comfortable and content with doing nothing. That is never the way forward in life. For us to build a better life for ourselves, we must begin to acknowledge that being comfortable as a sign of more to do, not a sign of less or nothing to do.

Even if for nothing at all, it is our own lives and we owe ourselves the highest duty to make it worthy…

Why don’t we get into the habit of building a strong life and future for ourselves? Our dreams and wishes of a better life will not play itself into action. We got to look beyond today, dismantle all those empty wishes and forge forward for a better tomorrow.

Start building your life now…Remember every moment is an opportunity to lay a building stone. A moment lost or used unprofitably is a life building opportunity lost. Even reading this is one of those wake-up moments.


By: Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri/ ScrewLife.Com


Chris-Vincent is an internet enthusiast & entrepreneur, web developer, web publisher and a blogger, a law student with special interest in Human Success, Personal Development and Achievements.

As a multi-niche blogger, areas of web development, internet entrepreneurship and marketing are a close heartfelt passion. He enjoys blogging and making money online.

Motivational Message Of The Week: Getting Rid Of Your Needless Needs Is The Key To Happiness

Motivational Message Of The Week: Getting Rid Of Your Needless Needs Is The Key To Happiness

Posted on 16 Apr 2012 at 4:55am

As human beings, many of us are under intense pressure to satisfy our needless needs, thereby curtailing the happiness and peace of mind we are supposed to enjoy as we journey through life.

Most of us are driven and far stretched to unbearable limits in our desire to satisfy our needs. But do we really need all those needs? The mere fact that you see something as a need in life does not really mean you need it or at that particular time, you got to have it.

The assumption of needs is a complex discipline and many have tried to wrongly simplify it by saying, needs are those you cannot do without in life.

The above is not only wrong, it also fails to take into account the distinctiveness of us as individuals, our capabilities, strength and weakness in satisfying our needs-including the fundamentals.

If your happiness and peace of mind is being curtailed by your desire to satisfy your needs, you must re-evaluate these needs to ascertain if you really need them.

Life is a lousy journey burden by our own aspirations, it is therefore unnecessary to overload the struggles of life with needless needs. It kills the soul and never brings you the happiness you are suppose to have in life.

Does the mere fact that someone says you need something really indicates that you need it? And does the fact that everyone around you have something means you also need it? (more…)


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