Sex & Relationships: I Like You But I'm Not Looking For A Relationship Right Now...What He Really Means

Sex & Relationships: I Like You But I’m Not Looking For A Relationship Right Now…What He Really Means

Posted on 08 Sep 2013 at 12:03pm

’I Like You But I’m Not Looking For A Relationship Right Now’…This is actually what he/she is saying:  ’I want to ´hang´with you till I find someone better’.

I’ve got a secret I would like to share, but don’t take it personal. You know you’ve got good friends, especially male friends when they are willing to tell you the secret behind how men (well some men) think…Ladies, fasten your seat belt…You know how we all love the truth, even though it hurts. But guess what, it does heal eventually.

Well the truth is, my girls and I like to discuss. We think therefore we exist. (Rene Decartes).  We practically  have the tendency of talking about anything from clothes, to shoes, to makeup and all of those girly talks. We also like to talk about men and women, you know the boy/girl relationship?

That thing that makes us all trip once in a while. Of course we keep our personal issues to ourselves. More than you can imagine. We like to keep the ”special” details to ourselves. Now let me clarify this before I move onto my point. None of us have any ”man issues”. We just love to prove our existence. Besides, what is the point of ”girl talk” when we can’t sneak in the talk on boy/girl relationships.

The truth is some of us are our own enemies if you ask me. It’s like we are afraid of progress, especially when it comes to dealing with other people. We might not be aware of this but I would love to share this with you. One of my girls is very much convinced that if someone tells you the statement above, It means they just want to have fun with you until they find what they are looking for. I don’t understand why we can’t tell the whole truth as it is.

It doesn’t have to be that complicated all the time. My friend and I have had our differences on this statement and therefore decided  to get  the male perspective on this. The statement has now been decoded. Coming from the male point of view, this is like an ”epiphany” (of course i’m being sarcastic)….

Literally not ready for a relationship

Some of us have gone through personal issues where we all need a break from relationships. Now this is not coming from me, but from my male friend. There is a chance that this fellow is actually not ready for a relationship. For all we know, we are all different and have our own way of dealing with matters in our lives. Taking a break from relationships does not make you inhumane. Since you can’t read his or her mind, the best thing will be living things the way it is and give this person some space. If it’s really meant to be you will find your way back.

In a relationship

I did mentioned earlier on that some of us are not mind readers. Whether you are being told the truth or not, you wouldn’t really know. The truth is, there is no nice way of rejecting someone, especially when you let them know you are seeing somebody else. Truth be told, it’s awkward and I know you agree with me on this.

Now who loves awkwardness? Nobody. Saying the statement above is one of the ways of avoiding awkwardness. if someone tells you they are not looking for a relationship, they might be seeing somebody, but doesn’t know how to break that to you. The monent you hear ”I am not ready…”, you better start running. Unless you want to be taken for a free ride. But don’t go sobbing that you have been ”used”.


Doesn´t it hurt to the core when the person you have the hots for wants to be just friends? Frankly speaking, some people are better off just being your friend. Not everyone you approach will have the courage to tell that they only want friendship. Of course they wouldn’t want to feel bad for rejecting or making you feel like you are not good enough for them. To avoid awkwardness, they would rather tell you they are not ready for a relationship. Perhaps they enjoy your company too much that they wouldn’t want to lose you as a companion. Accept the fact that they are not ready for a relationship at the moment.

Playing hard to get

Yes you read between the lines correctly. I am as shocked as you are. I definitely did not see this coming. I thought when it comes to ”playing hard to get”, it is always the female gender that takes the crown, and I mean the entire crown with no space for the male gender. Now I have been told that some men just like to play hard to get, with that being the truth, they would rather play hard to get by telling you the statement above. Whether you chose to hunt for him or move on, well you will only be the right person to make this decision. (more…)

Ladies Don't Know Jack About Valentines

Ladies Don’t Know Jack About Valentines

Posted on 05 Feb 2013 at 10:20am

There is a lot of common wisdom about relationships, but some of it can be wrong or outdated. At least when it comes to Valentine’s Day, common “wisdom” can be a little misguided. The truth behind some of these Valentine’s Day “myths” might surprise you!

Valentine’s Day is a Holiday for Women

The reality is that only 19 percent of women feel that Valentine’s Day is for women, and only 25 percent of men feel that way. So ladies, the pressure is also on you to come up with a romantic gift that says “I love you.”

Men Don’t Want to Be “Spoiled” On Valentine’s Day

Not true! Eighty-one percent of women surveyed agreed with this statement, but only 55 percent of men did so. This means that 45 percent of guys want some special attention on Valentine’s Day, too.

This Valentine’s Day turn the tables on your special guy. One thing a majority of men agree upon is what they would love to have for Valentine’s Day. Sure, if you guessed some sort of intimate surroundings and acts you would likely be correct— but the research did not cover that. So what is the gift they most want that research covers?


According to research done by Bruskin Goldring Research of Edison New Jersey, 61 percent of men said they would like to receive flowers on Valentine’s Day. However, of the men surveyed, only 40 percent indicated that this was a gift they had received. It seems that there is a large “Valentine’s Day flower gift deficit” for men.

Men seem to have an innate understanding that giving flowers, from a single rose to a huge arrangement, is a romantic gesture that pleases women. Why not men? The very same message of love is what men get from a gift of flowers. However, make it just flowers— an accompanying Teddy Bear is way too girly!

When he sees or smells the flowers you give him, his thoughts will immediately turn to you. It’s hard to go wrong with this Valentine’s Day gift! A tie may not be his taste, cologne he may have just bought for himself. Flowers are always convenient and affordable. If you order early, they can be delivered to where ever you want them to go.

Women, Take Charge

This Valentine’s Day, acknowledge your guy. There is a good chance he will be surprised (but happy) with a bit of attention on Valentine’s Day. Let him choose a restaurant and you pick up the check! Or, if he tends to select pricey places mostly to impress you, show him how happy you are to reserve a table at an intimate neighborhood restaurant.

Stay close, be affectionate. Occasionally touch his arm or shoulder. Let him know that you care for him and generate true electricity by your touch and body language.

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