Signs That You Are Totally In Love With Him…

Signs That You Are Totally In Love With Him…

Posted on 20 Dec 2013 at 1:21pm


Love is a beautiful thing, especially when you love the right person. Of course, when we open ourselves up to the possibility of unconditional love, the feeling can be very terrifying—especially if it is the first time, but it is always worth it.

How do you know that you are totally in love with him? There are many signs that point to this and most times, you may not be aware until someone points it out to you.  You might have felt your heart racing, maybe you felt like crying over sometime but the moment he reaches out to you, things begin to settle in your mind. When you feel secure and not alone in this world because of him, that is it, the sign of love and I am going to talk about some of these signs to you.


There is this deep feeling of empathy in you. Empathy is the ability to understand experience and recognize the feelings of others. When you feel this deep empathy for him, there is love in the air. You find yourself loving without buts and ifs and if you are quick to overlook every wrong than you normal tolerate. Dear, you are in love.

Peace of Mind

You are at a state of rest around your partner. If you find yourself doing things you were unable to do initially because you felt unloved or inadequate, this may a sign that you are in love. If your partner provides you with a shield that is so strong that you are inspired to do more for yourself, then the love is out there… (more…)

Admit It...You're A Shopaholic!

Admit It…You’re A Shopaholic!

Posted on 26 Jan 2013 at 12:50pm


You always know it’s something serious when it gets given an official name. ONIOMANIA, the uncontrollable desire to buy things’, is what over 8 million adults in Britain suffer from because off their need to SHOP till they drop!

Being labelled a shopaholic always seems to sound quite harmless, a bit of a joke about people who just love going out to the shops and buying things to look good. The truth is, addictive shopping is less to do with the possession of all the beautiful things you buy but more to do with trying desperately to find an artificial and very quick way of feeling happy, feeling good and in control…hence we call it retail ‘therapy’.

However there is nothing therapeutic or healthy about perusing the kind of happiness that lands you with immense feelings of guilt, bad debt, bad credit and feeling worse than before you bought another black dress!  But what’s a girl to do? If you’re someone who shops too much you cannot help yourself, you go out for bread and milk and come back with shopping bags.  You find excuses and reasons why buying something is absolutely necessary, you need it, you won’t buy anymore of the same item again after this purchase. Meanwhile you are pushing and plunging yourself deeper and deeper into debt!!! Sound familiar?


According to psychologists that research this addiction, there are 7 main signs that show you are likely to be shopaholic:

  • You have many unopened or tagged items in your closet and mostly things you forgot you had!
  • Impulse Buys – You often purchase things you don’t need or didn’t plan to buy
  • An argument or frustration sparks an urge to shop
  • You experience a rush of excitement when you buy something
  • Purchases are followed by feelings of guilt
  • You try to conceal your shopping habits
  • You feel anxious or unhappy on the days you don’t shop

Shopping addictively is such an issue because it appears to work in making you feel good.  When you spot that beautiful pair of nude coloured patent heels, all logic flies out the window and all you know is, you’ve GOT to have them. You make the mistake of walking into the shop, trying them on and before you can remove yourself from the situation you’re at the till paying for them and quietly saying ‘I can always return them’.

It may make you feel bad to have to own up to the fact that you are in fact a shopping addict (and not in a jokey way) but being honest, if not just with yourself and realising you’ve become addicted is part of how you start to change these habits that have crept up on you.  You may be feeling bad about making this confession because now you have no way to feel good, but actually I would say that knowing that there are ways you can still feel just as good without spending you’re rent money on things you will hide/push in the backs of cupboards or under the beds is worth the initial discomfort of this realisation.




Like most addictions, shopping addictively tends to be away of not having to deal with or confront uncomfortable or stressful feelings or situations. When you’re out shopping, you’re distracted by the frill of the colours, the way you look and feeling in control. You are not thinking about the job you hate, work pressures , you’re  unhappy relationship, family issues. Researches in Surrey University conducted a study a found that the most common causes by those that took part was:

  • Anxiety
  • Escaping from challenging or arduous responsibility
  • Threatened Identity – Feeling old/unattractive/fat
  • Inability to self regulate/lack of self control

It’s likely if you are experiencing or displaying the behaviours described above you may also be dealing with feelings of depression, anxiety, low self esteem. Some people may want show they are in control, you are trying to buy things that make the world see you as put together and in control. We assume when we see individuals or celebs looking clean and neat and beautiful their lives are good and they are very happy, so you start to feel if you just looked good, you’d feel good and people would also feel the same and then admire and compliment you.  But this is false and behind the supposed perfection is deep unhappiness in most cases.


You might feel that your need to shop incessantly is a personal issue, something not many others experience, which you are  more likely to think because like most addictions, we tend to make our habits and addictions sound less problematic than they truly are! Of course, we need a reason to continue to feed our habit and if you convince yourself that you’re shopping habits are ‘not that bad’ you can keep spending more on more things you don’t need.

Here’s how you can start to reduce your addiction to shopping:

  • CONFESS – So as I initially pointed out and what you may already know is it’s important to be honest and say to yourself you are addicted to shopping.
  • FORGIVNESS - This is important, forgive yourself! Most addictions come from trying to resolve an issue or cover up something painful or distressing. Being an addict never makes you a bad person.  Feeling good only comes with feelings of kindness and removing judgement.  When you can feel this then you can start to find better ways of dealing with whatever has made you to want to find destructive ways to help you feel good.
  • TALK ABOUT IT – Most addictions can feel embarrassing to talk about but keeping things in is part of what has caused the addiction in the first place. There are two options here. When you feel  low/sad/unhappy, write it down…keep a journal or write it down and get rid of it but do express what you are feeling. It’s better to talk about feeling low, hearing yourself say things out loud can help you to start to figure out how to cope or deal with a situation. As a rule I always use the ‘ Rule’ What would I say to a friend/family member who came to me with my situation. It helps get a better perspective on things. Counselling/therapy may be something you need to consider! It may be an additional cost but it’s no more than the money spent shopping. Though in the UK there are free counselling services available when you speak to your gp.
  • HOBBIES – This may sound very trivial in comparison to how you feel but the fact is hobbies do a lot to maintain our well being and you can choose whatever you like…not to mention they are mostly inexpensive! Don’t be tempted to take up a hobby that requires you to spend more!! Start with something simple that is free I guarantee you, you will feel better! Join a choir, a running club, swimming, ANYTHING but at least try!

I’ve attached this video that inspired and will hopefully inspire you with picking a hobby that will take you’re mind off  spending money when you can be spending time doing something memorable!  Please note you don’t have to do any of what’s in the video but it shows you that you could be out there doing something meomorable! ENJOY!!

You Create Your Own Luck!

You Create Your Own Luck!

Posted on 07 Apr 2012 at 2:59pm

After struggling to wake up, Julie misses her train and, raging, buys a new ticket and jumps on the next one. In the buffet carriage, she comes across Mario, her old childhood friend, when she was just thinking about him that very morning. They haven’t seen each for more than a year. Luck or coincidence?

Life and the encounters which punctuate our existences are a mix of both order and chaos, of gambling and determinism. The word ‘hazard’, which comes from Arabic, actually means “game of dice”. To be able to master what is random, it is worth knowing more about coincidences. What are they, and how do they happen?

A tale of synchronicity

According to Jung, the famous psychoanalyst, who spent his time exploring the deepest layers of the unconscious, these lucky occurrences are examples of “synchronicity”. This term describes apparently independent events which occur at the same time and are tied together by meaning. For example, a friend tells you about her trip through the desert, the mythical film ‘Lawrence of Arabia” is shown on TV, and at lunchtime, when you were in the supermarket, you went wild for some serviettes with beaches and camels on them… From the mass of external information you get every day, life is drawing your attention to something important.

A question of intuition

So what purpose does this serve? Chance is essential in life. It is an effective strategy for making some new priority emerge. In being surprised by an improbable event, a meeting or a series of coincidences, you will get going again at a point in your life when you are either trapped or about to get stuck in a rut. In reality, coincidences are not that rare. In order to be able to get something out of them, the first step is to be able to spot them. All you need to do is learn to watch the world which surrounds you. Then get rid of your restrictive, rationalist mindset and develop your intuition. (more…)

Sex & Relationship: Does the penis have a mind of its own?

Sex & Relationship: Does the penis have a mind of its own?

Posted on 21 Oct 2011 at 5:32pm

Dr Irwin Goldstein and the American Boston University study group into impotence didn’t hesitate to analyse these interactions in detail. Thanks to these biologists’ curiosity*, we now know a little more about one of the events that is core in a man’s life after puberty – the erection.

When the mind overpowers the penis…

When encountering a pretty woman, flirty behaviour or the presence of perfume that recalls sensual memories, the penis likes nothing better than rising to the occasion under the influence of the body’s nervous excitatory circuits.

And yet there are other, contradictory messages stemming from more powerful areas of the body, through the spinal cord and the nerves, which can counteract this phenomenon. And that’s what convinces the penis to keep a low profile.

There is actually a universal tendency towards inhibition, and the modern man will probably have difficulty imitating an unbridled sexuality, like that of the of bonobo monkey. The “fault” is attributed to a nucleus, called the paragigantocellular nucleus, situated inside the poor, and sometimes confused, brain.

This mood wrecker’s work is directed towards preventing erections. No surprise then, that desire is sometimes fleeting and masculine sexuality is often sensitive to stress and anxiety… But as we all know, life (and the penis!) has its ups and downs!

The penis never sleeps…

It’s a different story at night however, when the man sleeps. Admittedly, during the phases of light sleep, the brain’s negative control presides over the body and the virile appendage takes its turn to sleep too.

But on the other hand, as soon as the paradoxical or REM stage of sleep creeps in he’ll start to dream and the active parts of the brain relax while the penis, which has been waiting precisely for this moment, will spring into action.

This explains how, in all normally functioning men, whether or not they sleep alone, four or five erections will occur during the night.

A rather primitive method to test impotence, but which has proved its worth, involves sticking a postage stamp on the point in question before sleeping. Nothing is more reassuring than if the stamp has fallen off during the night! (more…)

 Beyonce With Darker Skin - Insult or Art?

Beyonce With Darker Skin – Insult or Art?

Posted on 28 Feb 2011 at 6:40pm


Both the story and the amazing pictures that follow caught my eye for two reasons. Beyonce looking amazing in beautiful Nigerian  attire and Beyonce with a darker complexion.  I caught this story a while back but I had to get you guys thoughts on this one. I’m sure Beyonce wasn’t expecting such backlash when she decided to model for the cover  of  the French magazines L’Officiel Paris 90th anniversary. An honour for her, I’m sure. The honour seems to come at the price and now the pictures have been branded insulting and offensive by many blog sites and print media.


Motivational Message Of The Week: You Can Surely Achieve The Great Success You Desire

Motivational Message Of The Week: You Can Surely Achieve The Great Success You Desire

Posted on 21 Feb 2011 at 5:47am

There are stages in mankind’s journey through life when we start to doubt our ability and the likelihood that we will ever attain the great success we seek and desire.

It is only reasonable that after a strong chase with results not befitting the input, one would start to doubt and push hope down the drain as far as achieving success is concern. (more…)

 GC Weekly Tidbits From Around The World: More New Music From Timberland ft Brandy & More +Rhianna Banned in 11 Countries + Miarah & Nick's Baby News + Halle's Ex White Boyfriend Calls Her The 'N' Word ETC….

GC Weekly Tidbits From Around The World: More New Music From Timberland ft Brandy & More +Rhianna Banned in 11 Countries + Miarah & Nick’s Baby News + Halle’s Ex White Boyfriend Calls Her The ‘N’ Word ETC….

Posted on 06 Feb 2011 at 8:12pm

It seems Timberland is planning a huge comeback and has now teamed up with Brandy on this track entitled 808. I don’t love it but I do like it…check it out!

I have to say aside from her over-the-top-raunchy dance moves I do like Ciaria’s music some of the time. Here’s a track that didn’t make her latest Basic Instinct Album. It’s entitled ‘Flaws n All’.  What do you think?

He’s at it again…I had to add this one coz, well…it’s Fiddy and I love me some Fiddy. Check out this new track From 50 Cent ‘Old 2003 Ferrari’. This guy is  just too funny and not to be taken seriously at all! (more…)

Hollywood Star “Idris Elba” Teams Up With Comic Relief & TK Maxx To Raise Money For The Underprivileged…

Hollywood Star “Idris Elba” Teams Up With Comic Relief & TK Maxx To Raise Money For The Underprivileged…

Posted on 04 Feb 2011 at 4:36pm

Our very own Idris Elba, full name Idrissa Akuna Elba has joined forces with popular British charity Comic Relief and High street chain Tk maxx to raise money for the underprivileged in the UK and Africa.

Even though this superstar boasts a Ghanian heritage we cannot forget his Father is from Sierra Leone, making Idris the perfect boy or should we say man for the campaign!.

Idris brings a new swagger to the T-shirts desgined by legendary fashion Designer Vivienne westwood. Joined by other celebrities idris lends his name and over 6 foot frame to the cause hoping to raise millions of pounds as they have done over the years. (more…)

Weekly Titbits From Around The World: New Music Bobby Brown’s New Track  +  New Music from Jennifer Hudson + New Video With Nicki Minaj ft Drake + Alica Keys Celebrates Her 30th B-day, ETC

Weekly Titbits From Around The World: New Music Bobby Brown’s New Track + New Music from Jennifer Hudson + New Video With Nicki Minaj ft Drake + Alica Keys Celebrates Her 30th B-day, ETC

Posted on 30 Jan 2011 at 10:18pm

I never thought I would see Bobby Brown release another track in this life time, but this is how the music industry can be, gone today back here tomorrow!  The track is ok, nothing spectacular but I guess with the right marketing you never know! Listen to ‘Get Out The Way’ and comment!

The new and improved slim and sassy lookin’ Jennifer Hudson is now working on her next single ‘Where you At” written by R.Kelly. I have to say I do love this one and she is no doubt an amazing vocalist. (more…)

What A Combination: Chocolate Vodka n Ginuwine!

What A Combination: Chocolate Vodka n Ginuwine!

Posted on 09 Jan 2011 at 11:58pm

I know I’m not the only one wondering what in the heck happened to Mr. HOT FIT Ginuwine! He hasn’t done anything celebrity or music or anything related of late. Until…I came across this!

I’m not sure what excite you more…the thought of the vodka that apparently tastes like chocolate milk or the fact that these clever crafty advertisers are using Mr fitness! Ginuwine is said to be he new fact of the ‘Adult Chocolate Milk’ that is said to be 40 proof vodka. I’m thinkin’ the dink will FLY! Off the shelves lol…I’ll er get a sample and let you know how well the vodka goes down!

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