About Us

Hello Sassy Readers…

Welcome to our  little world or should I say our  little corner? We’ve always been looking for an amazing platform like this where we can all put up our intelligent  ramblings and discuss common issues.

We are so excited about having this corner and the reason why we are so excited is that, this is a page where we can talk about what makes us what I like to call SassyChic!

IamSassyChic.Com is a sister blog site to Ghanacelebrities.com where women won’t  get booed and hissed at for wanting to discuss intelligent forward-thinking, beauty and fashion, relationships, sex and gossip as well as things affecting us all as women whereever we may live in this world.

I slotted myself nicely in this interesting position as editor because of my ‘jack of all trades’ mentality. It also helps  that I can be a ‘little’ inquisitive about most things and VERY nosey about all things that affect women today. I’m hoping I get to keep you locked and logged on here with marvellous and eye catching info posted all day everyday! Join me and other contributors/writers to the site in doing what us women and ladies do best;  Ranting, rambling, laughing, crying and sharing. God Love us…it’s all the things we are so good at!

So of course it’s a no go zone please MEN… trespassers will be severly dealt with! Although a few very CUTE exceptions maybe made!  LOL ;-)

Welcome once again!

Contact:  info@sassychic@iamsassychic.com


Link:        www.Iamsassychic.com

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