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By SassyChic
Posted on 20 Dec 2013 at 1:21pm



Love is a beautiful thing, especially when you love the right person. Of course, when we open ourselves up to the possibility of unconditional love, the feeling can be very terrifying—especially if it is the first time, but it is always worth it.

How do you know that you are totally in love with him? There are many signs that point to this and most times, you may not be aware until someone points it out to you.  You might have felt your heart racing, maybe you felt like crying over sometime but the moment he reaches out to you, things begin to settle in your mind. When you feel secure and not alone in this world because of him, that is it, the sign of love and I am going to talk about some of these signs to you.


There is this deep feeling of empathy in you. Empathy is the ability to understand experience and recognize the feelings of others. When you feel this deep empathy for him, there is love in the air. You find yourself loving without buts and ifs and if you are quick to overlook every wrong than you normal tolerate. Dear, you are in love.

Peace of Mind

You are at a state of rest around your partner. If you find yourself doing things you were unable to do initially because you felt unloved or inadequate, this may a sign that you are in love. If your partner provides you with a shield that is so strong that you are inspired to do more for yourself, then the love is out there…

Ready To Explore

You are ready to explore new fields and excited to watch yourself become more creative, as both of you unfold your affection for each other, then you are not far from love. If you are inspired to expose your feelings and thoughts to him and you can easily discuss your anxieties and fears, then you are totally into him.

You Are Always Anticipating To See Him

On a normal day, you may have been the quiet or reserved person but when you fall in love, you find yourself looking forward to meeting him and getting excited about things both of you have plan to do.  Sometimes, you grow impatient when he is delaying and when you do not see him, it looks as if some load has been lifted off your shoulder. That is love in action.

Careful With Your Dressing

You want to look beautiful and young around him. You may even go the extra mile of using accessories you may not have used if you were single. You believe you may be doing it for yourself but indirectly, it is for him…Another sign that you are in love. Love is really a beautiful thing.

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