What Your Date May Ask You The First Time & How To Answer Him!1 Comment

By SassyChic
Posted on 18 Dec 2013 at 9:10pm


It is not that your date will grill you the first time and he may not be looking for the ‘right’ answers from you per say. He just wants to be sure that you are honest on a lot of things. If you are not careful with the answers you give, you may get yourself into an uncomfortable situation. This is the reason I am going to take you through how do deal with some very common first date question.

Tell Me About Your Work

This is one question anyone will ask you in any type of gathering, so your date may not be different. He is not going to be looking for a job description, rank or your title, he just wants to hear about what you do in a positive light. He wants to hear that you are confident with what you do and there is passion in what you do. He may not want to hear complains about your job at this stage

What Are Your Hobbies?

Here, your date wants to know what you really like to do aside your job. You should try and stay away from hobbies like ‘going out to watch movies’, except you are able to explain to him how fulfill you are with this hobby. You should not list off activities for him, else he will think you have no deeper touch with yourself.

Tell Me About Your Family

This question is often innocent when asked but can have a lasting impression on you if you are not careful. No family is perfect and this simply means that you should touch the basis and leave the deep things for other dates. Your first date should not be marred with horrible or ugly stories about your loved ones. No one will like to shoulder your burdens the first time.

Can You Tell Me About Your Relationship History?

You just will not run from this question. He wants to know what has really happened to you since you started dating men. You should try and sound at peace because he doesn’t expect to see you cringe or change the topic when he asks you this. The reason he is asking this is for him to understand that you are datable. If you tell him what will scare him the first time about your dating habits, he may never come back again. However, this can be the tool to send someone running if you see no head or tail in dating you.

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