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By SassyChic
Posted on 11 Dec 2013 at 1:17pm



The festive period is drawing near and none of us will want to be caught with a dry skin. This is why we need to pay adequate attention to our skin. A lot of us will face the daily battle of a flaky and dry skin if we do not take out time to maintain it before the harass weather meets us. I know we all have our own special method of trying to look fresh and good. While a lot of us take a lot of drinking water to reduce dehydration, the rest of us depend on skin supplements or creams to look radiant.

Everyone of us knows the skincare basic rules, which is to make use of a good moisturizer in the day and night, eat a balance diet, stay hydrated, sleep well, stay away from smoking and avoid the ultraviolet ray. This is what we should follow religiously. However, with these basic set of rules, you can quickly stay away from dry skins especially during the cold season.

Practice safe Makeup rules.

Sleeping with our makeup can be a fashion disaster; it will end up clogging our pores and cause us to have outbreaks. When we sleep with our makeup, we are not giving our skin the opportunity to replenish itself with moisture overnight and this is very important this period.

Seek Advice for Your Foundation

You may know the type of foundation that suits your skin, but if you do not, there is no harm looking for advice. Foundations may last up to three months so you cannot afford to buy any that would not suit you perfectly.  If your skin changes with the season, you should look for something that would be more moisturizing during this harass and cold weather…

Don’t Forget Exfoliation and Face Masks

You should make use of exfoliation and face masks. You should try and avoid over exfoliating and making use of clay masks that are harsh during this period. These things often dry your skin faster than you can imagine, and at worse leave you with spots. I recommend you to make use of the natural homemade masks.

Make Use Of  Good Sunglasses

One of the easiest ways to stay away from wrinkles is the use of sunglasses. The benefit of sunglass is immense in this period because it can help prevent the UV rays without you making use of eye creams that are heavy on the skin.

Stay Hydrated

Water is great this season, try as much as possible to take warmer water often, reduce the intake of surgery fluids and opt for herbal tea. This is going to make you look better and prettier throughout this festive period. Do not forget that taking your bath more can be an added advantage to your skin. You can settle for warm water if you cannot take a cold bath because of the weather

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