December 7th, 2013

Everything You Should Know About Your Bra

Posted on 07 Dec 2013 at 10:18pm


You may not believe this but a lot of us women wear the wrong bra size even when we believe we’ve got the right size.  Research has shown that up to 80% of women are victims of using the wrong bra. It has also been discovered that 27% of us, ladies have not bought a clothing item because we did not have the right bra to wear under it. This is the reason why I want to help you in selecting the right bra whenever you go for bra shopping.

How Does Getting The Wrong Bra Happen?

You know there are some of us who simply walk into a shop and get a bra by doing a manual or crude measurement on our bodies, while some of us do not even know our correct size.  It is not all the bras that fit our bust that are actually doing their jobs on us.

When You Should Know You Have The Wrong Bra

This may sound a little technical but it is the truth, with a professional support, you can know your right size. However, if you are not ready to meet a professional then you should look at for the following signs on your bra.

  1. The cups of the bra are wrinkling
  2. The  under wires are standing away from the center of your chest
  3. The bra wires cannot hold your breasts firm
  4. The bra band rides up your back
  5. The bra straps digs on your shoulder painfully
  6. You feel your breasts bubbling over the top of your bra cups
  7. The under wires of your bra is seen sitting on top of your breast tissue and at its sides

 The key factors to look at for in a Bra

The bra cups should be smooth, it’s under wire should always be against your chest wall and your breasts should be fully encapsulated inside the bra.

The bra bands have to be firm on you and even around your torso but it should not be that tight. You should understand that the bra bands will stretch in the nearby future which is the more reason why you should make use of a bra with a band that will be able to last longer.

With these few tips, you can have a bra that would fit you perfectly. There is no shyness in asking for the right size of your bra from a professional if you do not know. You mirror can be a perfect professional if you can look at it and detect the tips we have given you on wrong bra.

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