December 3rd, 2013

How To Lose Weight Before Christmas Day!

Posted on 03 Dec 2013 at 9:09am

Christmas is approaching fast and whilst it is always a season of indulgence, we will still want to look very good in our attires during this festive period. Losing weight has always been an issue for most of us because it requires discipline and a little effort on ourselves as ladies with activities such as exercise and diet control.

I have some tips that will help you come down without difficulty or following religiously a particular diet routine this special season.  This is one period when we just have to look prettier and healthier which is why we have to take care of our body.

Over the years, I have come to realize that it is not all about making changes to our diets only that will help us lose some pounds,  it is vital that you up the ante with a suitable fitness regime too.  This is because the use of cardio can help you burn off fat that will result to weight loss. A lot of us forget to tone our muscles too which will help create a lean body that would give us that perfect curve we need when we put on an attire.

To stay in shape and good health this Christmas, there are so many weight loss supplements in the market. It is not every weight loss product that will help you which is the more reason you need to make a thorough research on the type of supplement you will use these few weeks before Christmas. Vitamin B can support your energy metabolism whilst the mineral chromium is going to support your maintenance of the normal blood sugar

Have you heard of portion control? This is very vital because you may be eating in a healthy manner but pilling a lot of food on your plate, this is not going to help you with weight loss. You should cut down the portion size of what you take to come down in weight and most importantly, you are eating your favourite meals but at a lower amount.

Water is very important in your weight loss routine these few weeks, during the warmer months we always tend to take more water, but as Christmas is drawing fast, and the cold weather is meeting us, a lot of us may not be drinking a lot of water. You should understand that drinking water not only keep your skin radiant and hydrated, it supports the maintenance of the body’s balance of fluid, and keep in check the calories because we often confuse hunger with thirst.

You should plan your meal if you have not been doing that, this is what would help us make an excellent choice in our eating habit. Late night meal should be avoided and we can learn to take up a combination of soluble and insoluble fibre which is an effective way to stay regular and avoid the bloated feeling that comes with constipation. Foods that are rich in fibre include mushrooms, oranges, raspberries, cabbage and broccoli to name a few.

Salt should be cut down in our diet because it contributes to bloating and edema. It is recommended that you stick to the 1500mg a day. Learn to stop putting salt on the table to add during meal time and also try and reduce the amount you make use of whilst cooking.  You should run from ready meals because they are mostly laden with salt to give them flavour.

One thing you should learn to control is the temptation that comes in the form of pies, cakes, meat, drinks and chocolate treat. Instead of taking much of these indulgences, you can stock your home with vegetable, fruits, whole grain snacks that contain little calories and fat that will keep you not hungry for a long period. Do not forget a little work out is going to help you come down when you apply the above tips.

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