December, 2013

The Perfect Way To Dress Your Figure

Posted on 20 Dec 2013 at 1:45pm

Looking good is our business as ladies, this is the more reason why we should ensure that we have to dress according to our body types.

I have watched a lot of ladies dress in great attires that should have looked good on them but they ended up looking horrible or at worst, suffer wardrobe malfunction.  I have some rules you should learn to adhere to, before you can follow a fashion trend.

Do You Have A Pear Body Shape?

You may be lacking a fuller chest and wishes to minimize the lower part of your body.  What you should do is to add volume to the upper part of your body. You should pay detailed attention to the chest and waist so that your attire can create the perfect curves. You can achieve this with skirts as this can help slim down the hips. Do not make patterns at the bottom of your clothing.

You Got An Apple Body Shape

Ladies with apple body shape lacks a well defined waist. Ladies with this figure should wear dainty shoes or heels that would elongate their legs.  I will recommend that you do not make use of attires that have only one colour and  stay away from the halter necks clothing. The use of panel of colour can help in the creation of an ever-desired slimmer frame illusion.

Ladies With Hourglass

The hips and chest are equal in ladies with hourglass. I will recommend that such ladies make use of semi-fitted blouses, waist belts to help widen their waist. Ladies with the hourglass figure can lose their shapes completely if they put too much details or patterns. An over-sized, boxy clothing and turtle necks clothing should be totally avoided by ladies with this figure.

Dressing good can be done with a careful research on what makes you look great in different attires. Sometimes, we end up in embarrassing situations because the clothing we thought could have given us the perfect shape ends up disappointing us.

You should avoid copying people whose shapes are different from us when going for clothing. Only make use of the clothing that will keep you sexy and prettier and those that will blend your figure as a lady.

Signs That You Are Totally In Love With Him…

Posted on 20 Dec 2013 at 1:21pm


Love is a beautiful thing, especially when you love the right person. Of course, when we open ourselves up to the possibility of unconditional love, the feeling can be very terrifying—especially if it is the first time, but it is always worth it.

How do you know that you are totally in love with him? There are many signs that point to this and most times, you may not be aware until someone points it out to you.  You might have felt your heart racing, maybe you felt like crying over sometime but the moment he reaches out to you, things begin to settle in your mind. When you feel secure and not alone in this world because of him, that is it, the sign of love and I am going to talk about some of these signs to you.


There is this deep feeling of empathy in you. Empathy is the ability to understand experience and recognize the feelings of others. When you feel this deep empathy for him, there is love in the air. You find yourself loving without buts and ifs and if you are quick to overlook every wrong than you normal tolerate. Dear, you are in love.

Peace of Mind

You are at a state of rest around your partner. If you find yourself doing things you were unable to do initially because you felt unloved or inadequate, this may a sign that you are in love. If your partner provides you with a shield that is so strong that you are inspired to do more for yourself, then the love is out there… (more…)

What Your Date May Ask You The First Time & How To Answer Him!

Posted on 18 Dec 2013 at 9:10pm

It is not that your date will grill you the first time and he may not be looking for the ‘right’ answers from you per say. He just wants to be sure that you are honest on a lot of things. If you are not careful with the answers you give, you may get yourself into an uncomfortable situation. This is the reason I am going to take you through how do deal with some very common first date question.

Tell Me About Your Work

This is one question anyone will ask you in any type of gathering, so your date may not be different. He is not going to be looking for a job description, rank or your title, he just wants to hear about what you do in a positive light. He wants to hear that you are confident with what you do and there is passion in what you do. He may not want to hear complains about your job at this stage

What Are Your Hobbies?

Here, your date wants to know what you really like to do aside your job. You should try and stay away from hobbies like ‘going out to watch movies’, except you are able to explain to him how fulfill you are with this hobby. You should not list off activities for him, else he will think you have no deeper touch with yourself. (more…)

How To Maintain Your Skin During The Festive Period

Posted on 11 Dec 2013 at 1:17pm


The festive period is drawing near and none of us will want to be caught with a dry skin. This is why we need to pay adequate attention to our skin. A lot of us will face the daily battle of a flaky and dry skin if we do not take out time to maintain it before the harass weather meets us. I know we all have our own special method of trying to look fresh and good. While a lot of us take a lot of drinking water to reduce dehydration, the rest of us depend on skin supplements or creams to look radiant.

Everyone of us knows the skincare basic rules, which is to make use of a good moisturizer in the day and night, eat a balance diet, stay hydrated, sleep well, stay away from smoking and avoid the ultraviolet ray. This is what we should follow religiously. However, with these basic set of rules, you can quickly stay away from dry skins especially during the cold season.

Practice safe Makeup rules.

Sleeping with our makeup can be a fashion disaster; it will end up clogging our pores and cause us to have outbreaks. When we sleep with our makeup, we are not giving our skin the opportunity to replenish itself with moisture overnight and this is very important this period.

Seek Advice for Your Foundation

You may know the type of foundation that suits your skin, but if you do not, there is no harm looking for advice. Foundations may last up to three months so you cannot afford to buy any that would not suit you perfectly.  If your skin changes with the season, you should look for something that would be more moisturizing during this harass and cold weather…

Don’t Forget Exfoliation and Face Masks

You should make use of exfoliation and face masks. You should try and avoid over exfoliating and making use of clay masks that are harsh during this period. These things often dry your skin faster than you can imagine, and at worse leave you with spots. I recommend you to make use of the natural homemade masks.

Make Use Of  Good Sunglasses

One of the easiest ways to stay away from wrinkles is the use of sunglasses. The benefit of sunglass is immense in this period because it can help prevent the UV rays without you making use of eye creams that are heavy on the skin.

Stay Hydrated

Water is great this season, try as much as possible to take warmer water often, reduce the intake of surgery fluids and opt for herbal tea. This is going to make you look better and prettier throughout this festive period. Do not forget that taking your bath more can be an added advantage to your skin. You can settle for warm water if you cannot take a cold bath because of the weather

How To Date Someone With Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI)

Posted on 08 Dec 2013 at 1:08pm


The title alone may draw you back but if the truth be told, some of us are currently dating men with sexually transmitted infection (STI) with or without knowing it. I have known enough to realize that it is not just irresponsible, reckless, ignorant men who end up with STI, we can be victims of this today even when we take the necessary precautions.

This is because a lot of these infections may be passed even when there is an available condom. To compound it all, they may not show symptoms for a while. It is very possible that in this life you will fall in love with, date, or end up getting married to man with an STI like herpes or HIV. Do not worry; I have tips to take care of it for you.

Appreciate Him For Being Sincere

A lot of partners may never tell us that they are infected and for the partners who are bold to say it all, thank them for coming out.

Some men find it too embarrassing or even feel that it is nothing when it comes to talking about their status as carriers of STI. It will not be fair if he doesn’t tell you and if he is able to tell you, it shows a lot of moral integrity on your partner’s part for caring enough about your health to put his ego aside and tell you he has an STI.

Tell Him It Is Not A Death Warrant

It may be too late to run from him when you realize that he has STI. What do you do? It is so simple; let him know he is not given a death warrant. You should not put blames on him or flog him unnecessarily with words. It may drive him nuts or at worse keep him away from you especially if you are married to him. (more…)

Everything You Should Know About Your Bra

Posted on 07 Dec 2013 at 10:18pm


You may not believe this but a lot of us women wear the wrong bra size even when we believe we’ve got the right size.  Research has shown that up to 80% of women are victims of using the wrong bra. It has also been discovered that 27% of us, ladies have not bought a clothing item because we did not have the right bra to wear under it. This is the reason why I want to help you in selecting the right bra whenever you go for bra shopping.

How Does Getting The Wrong Bra Happen?

You know there are some of us who simply walk into a shop and get a bra by doing a manual or crude measurement on our bodies, while some of us do not even know our correct size.  It is not all the bras that fit our bust that are actually doing their jobs on us.

When You Should Know You Have The Wrong Bra

This may sound a little technical but it is the truth, with a professional support, you can know your right size. However, if you are not ready to meet a professional then you should look at for the following signs on your bra.

  1. The cups of the bra are wrinkling
  2. The  under wires are standing away from the center of your chest
  3. The bra wires cannot hold your breasts firm
  4. The bra band rides up your back
  5. The bra straps digs on your shoulder painfully
  6. You feel your breasts bubbling over the top of your bra cups
  7. The under wires of your bra is seen sitting on top of your breast tissue and at its sides

 The key factors to look at for in a Bra

The bra cups should be smooth, it’s under wire should always be against your chest wall and your breasts should be fully encapsulated inside the bra.

The bra bands have to be firm on you and even around your torso but it should not be that tight. You should understand that the bra bands will stretch in the nearby future which is the more reason why you should make use of a bra with a band that will be able to last longer.

With these few tips, you can have a bra that would fit you perfectly. There is no shyness in asking for the right size of your bra from a professional if you do not know. You mirror can be a perfect professional if you can look at it and detect the tips we have given you on wrong bra.

How To Lose Weight Before Christmas Day!

Posted on 03 Dec 2013 at 9:09am

Christmas is approaching fast and whilst it is always a season of indulgence, we will still want to look very good in our attires during this festive period. Losing weight has always been an issue for most of us because it requires discipline and a little effort on ourselves as ladies with activities such as exercise and diet control.

I have some tips that will help you come down without difficulty or following religiously a particular diet routine this special season.  This is one period when we just have to look prettier and healthier which is why we have to take care of our body.

Over the years, I have come to realize that it is not all about making changes to our diets only that will help us lose some pounds,  it is vital that you up the ante with a suitable fitness regime too.  This is because the use of cardio can help you burn off fat that will result to weight loss. A lot of us forget to tone our muscles too which will help create a lean body that would give us that perfect curve we need when we put on an attire.

To stay in shape and good health this Christmas, there are so many weight loss supplements in the market. It is not every weight loss product that will help you which is the more reason you need to make a thorough research on the type of supplement you will use these few weeks before Christmas. Vitamin B can support your energy metabolism whilst the mineral chromium is going to support your maintenance of the normal blood sugar

Have you heard of portion control? This is very vital because you may be eating in a healthy manner but pilling a lot of food on your plate, this is not going to help you with weight loss. You should cut down the portion size of what you take to come down in weight and most importantly, you are eating your favourite meals but at a lower amount.

Water is very important in your weight loss routine these few weeks, during the warmer months we always tend to take more water, but as Christmas is drawing fast, and the cold weather is meeting us, a lot of us may not be drinking a lot of water. You should understand that drinking water not only keep your skin radiant and hydrated, it supports the maintenance of the body’s balance of fluid, and keep in check the calories because we often confuse hunger with thirst.

You should plan your meal if you have not been doing that, this is what would help us make an excellent choice in our eating habit. Late night meal should be avoided and we can learn to take up a combination of soluble and insoluble fibre which is an effective way to stay regular and avoid the bloated feeling that comes with constipation. Foods that are rich in fibre include mushrooms, oranges, raspberries, cabbage and broccoli to name a few.

Salt should be cut down in our diet because it contributes to bloating and edema. It is recommended that you stick to the 1500mg a day. Learn to stop putting salt on the table to add during meal time and also try and reduce the amount you make use of whilst cooking.  You should run from ready meals because they are mostly laden with salt to give them flavour.

One thing you should learn to control is the temptation that comes in the form of pies, cakes, meat, drinks and chocolate treat. Instead of taking much of these indulgences, you can stock your home with vegetable, fruits, whole grain snacks that contain little calories and fat that will keep you not hungry for a long period. Do not forget a little work out is going to help you come down when you apply the above tips.

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