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By SassyChic
Posted on 30 Nov 2013 at 10:44am

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We have seen it all in wardrobe malfunction from Toni Braxon to Kate Middleton, it is either we are seeing overexposed cleavage, not wearing underwear ,a torn dress and sometimes, it boils down to how we get dressed.

I have developed strategies to save me from blushes, from carrying safety pins around to an emergency cardigan. This is because you may never know when wardrobe malfunction may knock at your door. You should learn to take precautions when going out because you can’t predict and prevent every situation but some wardrobe problems can easily be prevented.

Safety pins

As little as safety pins are, they are magical and can help you keep a button on an attire, replace your bra hook, prevent your shirt from flying, tighten shoulder straps, mend a failing hem and hold your skirt around the waist. The use of safety pin has become what can help you avoid embarrassing moments with your clothes. However, if you notice your clothes are not in good position, it is best you take care of them before leaving the house.


Your mirror cannot lie to you. My mirror is hung where there is good lighting. Before I can leave my house, I make sure that I verify that my clothes have no obvious tears or holes and also that my pantyhose are not tucked in my underwear. With my mirror, I am able to step out of the house without fear. This is because it is placed where enough light can reveal to me anything that is out of place.

Good Undergarments

A lot of us make the mistake of allowing our girdle hems, thong straps and bra straps to show. I would advice that you stop wearing strapless tops if support is a challenge. Do not try wearing sleeveless shirts if your bra would show unless you have a plan of making use of a cute sweater or trendy jacket. Do not forget to wear proper size underwear to avoid looking burges on your body.

Don’t Downsize

The fact that some of us might have added weight should not force us to wear something that is smaller than our body. We should face reality and adjust to that weight size when it comes to making use of attires. Clothes that are smaller than us may end up blowing off our zippers or straining our buttons. The best thing you can do for yourself is to bend and squat with your attire before you go out to avoid getting tear in the public. You should also deal with crooked zippers and loose buttons as soon as possible before you leave your house.

Run from flash photography

No matter how much you believe your bandeau or bra including your underwear is hidden, the flash from a camera would highlight every detail of the bra and your pants in photos. This is what you should clearly avoid during picture taking. I believe if you can keep these few things in mind when going out,  you can easily avoid wardrobe malfunction…

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