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By SassyChic
Posted on 28 Nov 2013 at 11:39am


We spend a lot of time preparing for every first date, the clothes must be good, the makeup should be perfect and no smudge, and we take time in front of the mirror making sure, we are good to go.

However, this does not mean our first date will be a success…Sometimes; it is so horrible that we wish the ground will open and swallow us. I have tips I have used over and over again that will help you avoid date disaster and have a great date with your man.

Make Sure You Don’t Confuse His Name

A lot of time, we end up in a date with a totally strange we do not know his name, to avoid an awkward situation, when you are with this strange or ‘half-baked’ friend, in a seemingly romantic scenario, maybe a corner table, restaurant or even seductive cocktails, make sure you know his first name. If you can address your date by his name before conversation, it will give him the feelings that you know him better.

Smile While He Is Talking

You never know what your smile can do…No fake smiles or he will detect it and run. The look on your face is what will make your date tell you more than he will have wanted to say. I have tried this with some of the men I have gone out with, and you may not believe the result I got.

They suddenly get free and express themselves naturally while I may end up telling less of me. What I am trying to say here is your smile can make your first date a perfect one.

Your Body Language

I have learnt that sitting perfectly straight or even perfectly still will give my date a lot of trouble in trying to be natural. This is because he may think from his point of view that I am stiff and afraid.  It is best I lean in and over the table during a date which is a subtle method of telling him that I want to really get a little closer to him.

No Turns During Conversation

I will advise you talk about an interesting subject instead of taking turns sharing your personal details. It is your first date, remember, there is no need hurrying into details which may end up getting awkward with some parts of your life.  Talk about something that will get you both lively and excited

Touch His Hand To Make Your Point

A light touch on his hand is an easy away to break the physical barrier, especially while trying to clarify an issue or even make a point.

The Menu & You

You have to be decisive about what you need, I mean your order. You should avoid mulling over the menu for a long time or asking the ‘server’ so much about what is on the menu before ordering.  You have to quickly find something that looks edible and then order so you go back to what the both of you were discussing.

You Should Compliment Quickly

The ‘win you over’ mentality is what the men will like to feel at the end of a date.  To avoid giving your date an uphill task of wondering if he pleased you after the date, put him at ease by quickly paying him a compliment. This is will help him avoid the , “Just try and impress me” mentality at the end of the day. You can do this within ten minutes after your date.

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