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Posted on 01 Feb 2013 at 12:26pm

Laser Bikin Hair Removal

Hair removal sucks, no two-ways about it. Razors nick the sensitive bits, hair creams burn and smoulder, waxing is as much fun as a medieval Spanish Tickler torture session- and all of it is a temporary solution.

Laser hair removal is as close to permanent hair-be-gone as it gets, and yet for the majority, it is still largely unexplored territory. And maybe that’s because nobody can really explain what it feels like to laser your vagina.

Obviously, pain perception is hugely personal and perceived in different ways by everyone. BUT. Most patients under the care of a man with a laser beam i.e. a qualified laser hair removal technician report that the sensation is not dissimilar to a rubber band snapping against the skin. The words stinging and burning often crop up, too- probably because that is essentially what the process is.

It’s an uncomfortable feeling. But it’s the only long-term process for removing hair- even if it does normally take four to six sessions. Discomfort can be reduced by using a numbing cream or popping painkillers before your appointment- just like any seasoned waxer would do. You won’t be subject for more than half an hour, and a good technician knows how to gague your pain threshold.

The process isn’t unlike getting a Brazilian at the beauty salon- your technician will leave you to change into paper panties and lay down on a raised bed. On their return, the technician will squeeze a jelly-like goo onto your soon-to-be-lasered spots, designed to protect your skin. Often you’ll be asked to wear protective sunglasses as the laser ‘wand’ is worked over the area. This is the bit where the ‘rubber band snapping’ comes in. Within the half hour you’ll be ready to clean off, get dressed, and carry on with your day.

Laser hair removal works by using a high level of heat to damage the hair follicles. Newer technology couples this with a follow-up cooling mechanism to reduce burning and discomfort, so risks are minimal. Some hypo- or hyper-pigmentation might happen (lightening or darkening of the skin), and with all procedures infection is always the teenie-tiniest bit possible- but at the end of the day you’re working with a qualified professional who will probably expose you to less risk than you’d manage locked in a shower cubicle with a rusty razor alone.

Before you make a decision about where to go for your life-changing hair removal experience, do your research. Find an established facility, and don’t skimp on cost. Discount hair removal seems like a steal- until you figure out what horror stories can be told. Always get an initial consultation, and make a list of your questions beforehand. Don’t cut costs with laser hair removal. Invest in a technician and establishment that is open about their facilities and have great customer testimony.

Side-effects to laser hair removal could be redness, burning or itching, a little similar to sunburn, but subside quickly. The results, however, stick around for much longer. Bikini laser hair removal can leave your skin soft, smooth, and stubble-free- which for anyone who has ever grown out a Hollywood wax knows, is a godsend.

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(Laura Williams is a writer working with Court House clinics, an award winning aesthetic treatment chain that provides laser hair removal, as well as a whole host of other beauty treatments across London and the UK.)

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