January 19th, 2013

Must A Woman Make The First Move? I Say YES!

Posted on 19 Jan 2013 at 1:21pm

I am a woman like you and if I have overcome my fears when it comes to going for the man I want, I surely know you can too. This is something that affects us all as women and as such, we have to tackle it together by sharing our experiences and ideas.

There are over million reasons why you think a woman should never make the first move. Commonly among these reasons is the notion that, the man will think you are cheap or will think that is all you do all the time.

This reason was never the reason why I never approached men until the day I made that bold step. My major fear was not about what the man will think but my own EGO. What if he says he is not interested?  I wouldn’t die but my ego would take forever to heal.

This traditional notion of women waiting for men to make the first move has deprived many of us from having our Romeos and what we really want. Many of us waited for a call that never came through and I know some of you reading this are still waiting for him to make the first move.

If you are waiting on him to make the first move, count yourself lucky that you are reading this at this time. You have to change things around and go for that man that you think about each night.

Making the first move is not about jumping on him to kiss him or proudly walking to him to say ‘I Love You’. It is about letting him know what you think of him, your intentions about him or about the two of you, your wish that the two of you should upgrade your friendship or become friends…

I want you to know via this post today that, it is perfectly right, acceptable and human for you as a woman to make the move and draw the man into your net.  This is 21st century for Christ sake, what men can do, we can do it better!

Why would you have to wait for him to get naughty with the text messages before you join in? Why are you waiting for him to take you to the cinema? What about you suggest a cinema together? (more…)

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