Fashion & Beauty: Why Women Are Hooked On Hair Extensions4 Comments

By Sheila Nyantakyi
Posted on 28 Apr 2012 at 8:17am

As a woman who chooses to wear hair extensions few times out of the year, I thought it wise to address the issue and also know people’s opinion on how these extensions work for them.

The average woman will always want to look good before she steps out especially paying close attention to hair.

Having had a chit chat with some few women out there, most of them gave different views as to why they will always go for hair extensions.

A friend who works in a Bank says she has a limited time during the week to do her own hair because of her busy schedule in the office. She therefore goes for the extensions so that she can focus on other domestic stuff during the weekend with her little out of Bank time.

Others friends are also of the view that, the hair extensions gives them a different look that makes them glow all the time, mentioning that the hair at point need to go through a transition so they use the extensions as a cover up to grow new hair.

I will like to emphasis on the fact that not every extension is suitable for the hair or face.

For those women who have been looking at hair extensions as a way to add extra length to their hair, and still want the hair to look as natural as possible, there is only one choice. The best way to achieve this look is to use the human hair.

Although you can find a number of different types of synthetic hair extensions on the market, you are going to find that the majority of them never look as good as you would like them to.

One of the greatest things about the human hair extensions is you will be able to treat the extensions in the same manner as you do your hair. This means that you can leave them on while you are showering and wash and condition them right along with your own hair. You can also use your curling iron to add style or change colours anytime you want.

Do you love hair extensions? If you do, why and if you do not why? Which ones are your favourite? And what have been your experience using hair extensions?

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  • mother

    cool article …i wanna grow my natural hair now ..any tips sassychic?? thanks

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  • Afia

    u r always welcome

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    mother Reply:

    lol .ok any tips on how to maintain natural hair ??

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