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By gossipmama
Posted on 22 Apr 2012 at 11:27am

At the cosmetics counter you are confronted with an array of choices – liquid, powder, cream, oil-free, allergy tested, cake, stick, stay-on, hypoallergenic, cream to powder, etc. It makes you confused and sometimes upset if you don’t have any idea on  how it will complement your face.

In as much as there’s different categorise to choose from; the skin type will determine which one will be appropriate for you

Most women prefer the liquid foundation because it’s easy to apply and it puts a natural look on them. In applying it, it should be blended in a little at a time until the entire face is completed.

Matte liquid foundations generally dry faster, so you may need to apply to one section of your face and blend, before moving on to another section. If you have a natural clear skin, liquid foundations may be your best option.

The cream foundation is the preferable choice for most makeup artiste; they are usually available in compacts or sticks and provide good coverage

Cream foundation should be applied in long sweeping motions using your cosmetic sponge. Blend evenly until you create a smooth flawless finish. This type of foundation is best for drier skin types and for more mature skin. Ideal for women requiring heavier coverage

Many brands offer their solutions in the form of powder foundations because its provides the easy application of a powder with the excellent touch of a foundation

Powder foundation should be applied as you would use your normal compact powder. These foundations usually have very good coverage, but work best on lighter skin colours.

Selecting the right shade of foundation for your skin tone is critical. For women who have yellow-based skin, to get a perfect match and to create the look of having naturally flawless skin you need to wear a foundation with a yellow base.

Do you have any tips to share too? Will love to read your experiences and practise…

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