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By gossipmama
Posted on 07 Apr 2012 at 2:59pm

After struggling to wake up, Julie misses her train and, raging, buys a new ticket and jumps on the next one. In the buffet carriage, she comes across Mario, her old childhood friend, when she was just thinking about him that very morning. They haven’t seen each for more than a year. Luck or coincidence?

Life and the encounters which punctuate our existences are a mix of both order and chaos, of gambling and determinism. The word ‘hazard’, which comes from Arabic, actually means “game of dice”. To be able to master what is random, it is worth knowing more about coincidences. What are they, and how do they happen?

A tale of synchronicity

According to Jung, the famous psychoanalyst, who spent his time exploring the deepest layers of the unconscious, these lucky occurrences are examples of “synchronicity”. This term describes apparently independent events which occur at the same time and are tied together by meaning. For example, a friend tells you about her trip through the desert, the mythical film ‘Lawrence of Arabia” is shown on TV, and at lunchtime, when you were in the supermarket, you went wild for some serviettes with beaches and camels on them… From the mass of external information you get every day, life is drawing your attention to something important.

A question of intuition

So what purpose does this serve? Chance is essential in life. It is an effective strategy for making some new priority emerge. In being surprised by an improbable event, a meeting or a series of coincidences, you will get going again at a point in your life when you are either trapped or about to get stuck in a rut. In reality, coincidences are not that rare. In order to be able to get something out of them, the first step is to be able to spot them. All you need to do is learn to watch the world which surrounds you. Then get rid of your restrictive, rationalist mindset and develop your intuition.

In practice!

Here are some practical tips for getting luck on your side in different situations:

In order to find the house of your dreams:

Course of action: Arm yourself with a notebook. Be on the lookout for every little whisper around you, and you will see that when you pay attention the ‘coincidences’ multiply. It is just when you are looking for a roof over your head that you realise your friends are moving house.

Example: Angel tells you her cousin Arthur is leaving for Africa for a long term stay. Seize this opportunity and ask him what he is doing with that beautiful house of his. Another example; you catch snippets of a conversation in a cafe about some loft apartments that are for sale for a pittance… Put rational thinking to one side for a moment, along with any thoughts along the lines of ‘that sounds ridiculous, it must be scam”, and grab the bull by the horns.

In order to find the job that’s right for you:

Course of action: Your dream in life. Every morning you visualise your ideal happiness in detail. Your mind works on the matter and this exercise allowsyou to find, by “chance”,  exactly what will help you to get that big break.

Example: If Ursula invites you to dinner, go along. Take the metro; you have more chance of running into old friends – what a coincidence! They have just been signed up by the club of your dreams and are looking for new people to work with.

To find the ideal man (or woman):

Course of action: Set out your requirements. For a lucky chance to happen, you have to determine what needs to be there. In general, this differs from simple desire or satisfying your immediate needs.

Example: Get talking to that young woman you don’t know, especially if this is not your thing. You end up discovering that you live in the apartments opposite each other. Or that you were in Ethiopia at the same time, she studying archeology, you for a photo-journalism piece… Invite her to dinner without thinking too much about it, and without too many expectations either. There are many different experiences to be had in this vast world, where everything is possible.


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