March, 2012

Motivational Message Of The Week: My Disappointment Is Better Than Your Nothing

Posted on 26 Mar 2012 at 4:46am

Disappointment is engraved in our journey through life and it comes up more often if we decide to chase success. Nevertheless, disappointment can be totally avoided in life but that is if you decided to do NOTHING…This is the greatest of all disappointments.

My disappointment fetched from doing something is far better than you doing nothing (greatest of all disappointments).

Things are not always going to be what we want and expect. That is part of the grand design of life. It is surely painful to be slapped with disappointment after having put in all that you have.

However, do not let disappointment stop you from doing anything. The path to success, richness and fulfilment is full of disappointments. You will meet it them several times, but the beauty of these encounters is that, you learn and become stronger each time. (more…)

Sex & Relationship: Female habits that drive men crazy

Posted on 23 Mar 2012 at 7:05pm

Being comfortable with your other half is wonderful, however, you might have unconsciously picked up some habits along the way that turn him off. Here are the top 10 traits we think you should steer clear of.

10: Over-analysing everything Let’s face it, men really aren’t that complicated. So if a guy says, ‘I’m a bit busy right now. Can I ring you later?’ chances are, work’s really quite hectic. One kiss in his texts instead of the usual two doesn’t mean he’s gone off you, and a surprise cup of tea doesn’t mean he’s feeling guilty. So give men the benefit of the doubt, take things at face value and you’ll save yourself a heap of stress. 9: Wearing too much make-up We’re all for making an effort, but caking on too much slap risks bringing out your inner drag queen rather than your secret sex kitten. False eyelashes, fake tan and hair extensions all have their place, but a girl can look fab without resorting to these tricks. Far much better to enhance your natural beauty instead of hiding it, and remind him how gorgeous you really are.

8: Shop till YOU drop If a man is lucky enough to share his life with a girl, chances are he has to share it with a massive shoe collection as well. Dragging him around the sales for hours, splurging obscene amounts of cash and then taking up valuable storage space with your spoils can drive him up the wall. While retail therapy can soothe many a crisis, perhaps leave your partner at home next time!

7: Taking forever to get ready Even if the end result is a vision of beauty, it takes a very forgiving man to shrug off a three-hour wait. Men understand women want to look their best, but are perfect nails and expertly smoothed dresses really necessary for a visit to your local curry house? Being ready quickly will show how laid back you are, and give you both more time to have fun. (more…)

Long distance love – how to make it work

Posted on 18 Mar 2012 at 4:57pm

Finding that special person can be the most important experience of your life. However sometimes logistics may not be aligned with your heartstrings. Whatever the reason, just because mileage has wedged itself between you both, it doesn’t mean it’s over, not by any means. Here are some of our top tips for keeping the love alive.

Keep in touch These days, it’s easier and cheaper to stay in contact than ever before. Gone are the days of expensive international phone calls and waiting days for letters to arrive. If you find your phone bill is racking up, speak to your mobile phone company as they’re bound to have a tariff that will allow cheaper calls and texts to your partner. Even better, why not talk face to face for free through online video calls? All you need is a webcam and it’ll feel as though you’re only inches, rather than miles apart.

Make plans Make your time apart more bearable by having your next meet-up planned. That way you’ll always have something to look forward to. Chatting about what you’ll do when you’re finally in each other’s arms again is fun and flirtatious, and will keep you going on days when you miss each other. If you’re so far apart that frequent travel to each other’s cities will quickly break the bank, consider meeting half way. You could choose a different location each time, meaning you’ll have a new adventure whenever you meet! (more…)

Motivational Message Of The Week: There Is Only One TRUE Success In Life..Go For That!

Posted on 05 Mar 2012 at 4:21am

Success is relative but underneath its relativity lies the shocking truth. As humans, we diversely chase success each day via different techniques, hoping to grab the success we deserve in our lives.

Our chase will continue until we realize the truth behind success. Most people have died with millions hanging in their bank accounts and yet did not find the success they desired in life.

Richness therefore is not the TRUE meaning of success…Neither is having countless children or no children the ultimate success. We can achieve all the material things in life and yet find no fulfilment or success in all of them.

Despite success’ relativity, one thing which is certain is that, TRUE success taints the rules of relativity. It applies to each and every person. We can all find fulfilment, happiness and comfort when we hit TRUE success.<!–more–>

I know people who have obtained several educational qualifications and yet do not consider themselves as successful enough for their own liking. This is simply because TRUE success does not dwell in our desire to achieve societal expectations. (more…)

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