Fashion & Lifestyle: How To Keep-Up and Be Motivated With Your Fitness Work Outs To Lose The Stomach & Body Fat3 Comments

By gossipmama
Posted on 25 Jan 2012 at 6:50pm


It’s only the third week of January 2012 and to me NYE seems like it was many months ago. I guess this is an excuse for me to feel like I can pack my trainers and water bottle to one side like I’m sure many  of  you all are guilty of!

You may be surprised to hear that fitness stats claim we’ll abandon our new year’s ‘ keep fit resolutions within two weeks of the new year….shocking right!

The reason sited are based on too much pressure to fulfil the resolution, not being specific about what we want to achieve and not acknowledging what we are already doing well within a particular goal.

I am very determined to keep to my fitness regime for longer than the predicted two weeks  for two reasons, I want to wear  whatever I like without folding my arms to hide the ‘extra bits’ and also because I bought alot of bikini’s in the winter sale in prep for my summer holiday and I plan to wear them all without steering at the chic with a flat tummy!

I’m trying something new this year to keep fit and wanted to review and share with you all. I’ve ditched the expensive gym membership (£42.00 a month membership that I use once a week) and opted in to home work outs.

Out of all the celeb dvd’s taking over the shelves at this time of the year, I chose the Kelly Rowland one because it’s motivating and realistic! There are A LOT of celeb dvd’s out there with celebs who with their stacks of cash, personal trainers and free time have lost weight!

I’ve been doing the dvd for about two weeks now ( I aim to do the dvd three times a week) and the fact that I’m still using it now is saying something. I love this fitness dvd because Kelly Rowland has an amazing body, especially her tummy which is what the dvd focuses on.

What I am going for is the tonne look, not the intense muscle look and Kelly has a nice tonne to her tummy! It’s a mixture of low temp work out but you still feel like you have worked up and sweat, and your muscles feel real tight afterwards.

On the down side the dvd is a bit preconscious and they look beautifully perfect and we know no one looks like that when working out but its no different from all the others out there.

For me I found the dvd really easy to follow and to be honest, I just enjoy am enjoying work out with the dvd.  I don’t see it as I chore and hard work to keep on with exercising. I’m giving the dvd a 4 out of 5!

So if  want to lose those body fat and get toned, especially to get the belly flat and be all confident to rock whatever you desire including bikinis, then grab a copy of the dvd today by clicking HERE…

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  • solomon

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