November, 2011

Motivational Message Of The Week: The Reason Why You Are Still Getting The Same ‘Failing’ Result

Posted on 21 Nov 2011 at 4:38am

I am one of the few who have no ‘negative sentiments’ towards failure, even if it is a repeating phenomenon as long as we learn something new anytime it reappears in our lives.

It is true that mistakes and failure are fundamental stepping stones to achieving success. Without these two, achieving success will remain an illusion. I am yet to come across any successful man who was never been kicked down by the cold strong winds of failure and mistake.

One common thing majority of us do as humans after having been knocked down several times is to repackage ourselves to continue our journey towards success. On the face of it, this is a desirable step. After all, not all people will get back on their feet to fight after having been sent down the floor by heavy punches.

The tale has commonly been, after several knock backs and mistakes; you will eventually get it right and achieve a successful result. However, in your situation, you are still fetching the same ‘failing’ result despite uncountable knock backs and repackaging. Now, you are asking yourself-Why is my story different?

What is not mostly made clear by those who believe in the strong relationship between failure and success like myself is; you do not simply attain a successful result by virtue of the fact that you have failed several times or have made several mistakes. (more…)

Is the Internet encouraging infidelity?

Posted on 17 Nov 2011 at 5:17pm

New technology has made its way into the offices of relationship counsellors… Naughty text messages, dating websites, online fetishist networks – they’re all now valid reasons for a visit to the marriage counsellor.

Despite this flurry of activity, psychoanalyst Sophie Cadalen maintains that, when it comes to the digital era and infidelity, “The Internet doesn’t create new infidelity, but only reveals and amplifies what already exists. We are no more unfaithful than we were before”1.

Infidelity: the rules have changed!

A second sexual revolution is well and truly underway, that much cannot be denied, and the Internet has upturned the rules. Before Internet social networking, one would chat up a work colleague at the office coffee machine, or pick up someone at a bar before heading home. These days, you can chat on dating websites and gets things sizzling at any hour of the day by texting or instant messaging.

These new methods of communication do “make the idea of being unfaithful an attractive one for some people,” explains Caladen, but “new technology doesn’tt encourage infidelity as such, it has just changed the methods”. The concept of infidelity and keeping “a hand in the game” has always existed. New technology has but changed the way these concepts are put into practice. (more…)

Motivational Message Of The Week: What You Cannot Achieve In Life Is…

Posted on 07 Nov 2011 at 4:32am

Life is full of achievers and failures; certainly we have more of the latter than the former. This therefore brings to mind that, there is a limit placed on what we can accomplish as individuals.

Despite the fact that we are all success hungry human beings, not all of us are or will be able to be successful in life. Reasonably this may suggest that, there is a ceiling as to how far we can go as different individuals.

If there is a differential limiting factor as to what we can achieve, then nature has been extremely cruel to some of us. Whiles others have forged forward to become all they desire (with their ceiling being all they desire); some of us can successfully argue that, our ceiling is right above our head (extensive restrictions)-we can’t achieve anything!

Life is not fair but it is not this cruel. The disparity in our achievements cannot be underpinned to the above restrictive deduction. (more…)

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Fashion & Beauty: Sassy Or Not..?

Posted on 06 Nov 2011 at 10:29am

For some of you who do not know Juliet Ibrahim, she is a Ghanaian/African movie star of mixed parentage (African & Lebanese). You can read more about here from here

Now back to this post…I am loving the shoes she is rocking. What do you think? Sassy or Not?

Photo Courtesy of GhanaCelebrities.Com

Sex & Relationship: How to tell if your partner is lying to you

Posted on 05 Nov 2011 at 7:51pm

She says she was out with her friends for drinks, but one of them called the house asking for her. So, was she lying? How do you decode your partner’s lie?

If you are worried that their words are sending mixed messages, then it’s time to look for other signals – namely what your partner’s body is telling you.

So if you want to know where she really was last night (or how much he really spent on that TV), the most telling signs are expressed through a person’s body language, according to Richard Newman.

The body language expert shared tips with Yahoo! Lifestyle on how to detect whether someone is lying.

Following his research into Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) he has trained more than 6,500 people from 29 countries on the effective use of body language and how to read its signs in everyday life.

Newman said: “The best way to know if someone is lying is to notice the presence of the abnormal and absence of the normal.” (more…)

Well Being: 10 questions about PMS (premenstrual syndrome)

Posted on 05 Nov 2011 at 7:46pm

So what are the symptoms, tests and treatments for PMS? Get the lowdown here in our 10 questions about PMS.

1.  What is PMS?

PMS (also know as PMT, or premenstrual tension) describes all the symptoms that occur regularly in some women before their period. These symptoms most often appear a few days before a period starts, but can sometimes occur as early as the middle of the menstrual cycle. The symptoms vary in nature and intensity, depending on each woman.

2.  What happens during PMS?

Three symptoms occur particularly frequently: sore breasts, bloating and mental-emotional tension. However, there can be a number of other symptoms such as heavy legs, headaches or migraines and digestive problems… In total, more than 100 clinical manifestations have been reported as part of PMS.

3.  Do you need any specific medical tests to diagnose PMS?

No. Diagnosis is made simply through the regular recurrence of symptoms during the premenstrual phase. The woman herself is able to recognise these symptoms and when they occur in her cycle. Checking hormone levels gives no specific indications. The three major features of PMS are:

  • One or more emotional symptom (irritability, unhappiness etc….)
  • Symptoms appear shortly before the period is due
  • Symptoms are severe enough to disrupt the woman’s daily life

4.  Are there any risks of an error in the diagnosis of PMS? (more…)

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