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By SassyChic
Posted on 16 Jul 2011 at 7:15pm

Even if you’ve never owned a Chanel, I’m sure you’d like to think if you were on a website or on hols in the East of Asia or On Ebay you’d know how to spot a fake. I’ve always said if I can’t afford the real thing then I’m not interested so I’d be well and truly p’d off I got sold a fake!

If you go out of your way to  buy a fake then nothing wrong with that, I’m no snob it’s a preference thing… but it’s not about people taking one look at your Chanel and giving you a fake smile because they know it’s a very obvious fake.  Elizabeth Bernstein shows The Wall Street Journal how you can spot a fake Chanel or Hermes handbag. I’m sure the same applies to all replica’s and good fakes. Take notes ladies.

Check out these tips on how to spot a fake…you learn something new here everyday! ‘wink wink’.

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  • Miyagi

    If the designer bag is new and already falling apart or isn’t the highest quality of fabric then it is probably a fake. Gucci is a status label for a reason. The handbags aren’t cheap. Be ready to pay hundreds for a logo bag and even thousands for their specialty bags. A real Gucci bag coming from an authorized retailer and would come with a dust bag, a Gucci box, etc. If it’s wrapped in plastic, chances are you are buying a fake

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