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By SassyChic
Posted on 23 Jun 2011 at 5:02pm


Without overstating the obvious….Yehuda Shinar tells us ‘winning isn’t reserved for an elite group, it’s something we’re all capable of. Here is a summary of four significant and effective ways to think, act and succeed like a winner.

  1. TRUST YOUR RIGHT TO WIN: To think like a winner it’s important to consider that successful people all share a strong belief in their right to be on the winning side.’ It’s not about whether you can succeed, it’s about how often you can succeed and in how many ways. The idea of this post is to allow you to consider different ways of thinking that will change your attitude to succeeding. You may feel stuck in a rut and feel you aren’t moving forward fast enough, that’s because your mind set, is set in the wrong direction.
  2. ANTICIPATE THE URGE TO QUIT: If a goal seems unattainable, your inner voice will urge you to give up. The ability to override this impulse is key to thinking like a winner. If you anticipate the temptation to quit and prepare reasons ahead for why you should stick to your target, that voice will lose its power over you!
  3. DON’T THANK LUCK: Shinar goes on to explain that we’re often surprised when we accomplished something, so sometimes may find that we attribute a particular achievement to luck. When you erase the thinking that what you gained d is by luck  ans see your achieved is the result of the steps you’ve taken and hard graft, you’re likely to identify what worked, and be able to repeat and improve on it.
  4. CREDIT SMALL TRIUMPHS: If you sometimes feel short of success, you’re probably not spotting small, everyday triumphs. ‘We dismiss so many of our achievements as trivial, for example explaining something clearly to someone so that they understand’, says Shinar ‘success doesn’t have mean reaching for the stars’.

This book has done amazing things for a lot of people and after reading this myself I’d like you to also benefit from techniques in the book. To win inbox me a story of how you manage to succeed in something that meant a lot to you and how you got through it. If you win, we’ll publish your story and send you a copy of Yehuda Shinar’s Book. ‘Think Like A Winner’.

Thanks for reading and Good Luck!

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    i would have given it if i wasnt soo private that i dont want my story to be published on net lol ..cos i have a lot to share on how i suceed in achieving my goals …

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