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By SassyChic
Posted on 21 Jun 2011 at 12:48pm

Sein Saoli, 23 was born into a family of three, a sister and parents. Sein partly grew up in Nairobi, surrounded by her great family members. She and her family later on relocated to Norway at a tender age. Sein is now studying in the health care and living in Oslo, Norway. She made winning of FACE OF AFRICA Germany 2011 so easy that when asked her definition of beauty, she said beauty is when you have a great personality, charisma, gorgeous. It is not all about the physical feature.

When asked whether she won Face of Africa Germany 2011 due to her beauty and personality, she replied

“I still can’t believe that I won”, but I must admit that it felt great the moment I was being crowned Face of Africa Germany 2011. The best thing of the whole programme is acquiring a post of being an HIV/AIDS ambassador for Kenya”

Participating in a beauty show is not about having a pretty face. What was it that encouraged you?

“I had nothing to lose & a handful to gain. So I went for it. Besides, I love challenges”

Looking back from the pageant, what was challenging?

All the girls where beautiful in their own way. The crowd took an immediate liking tone of the contestant who was from Ghana. A full figured curvaceous and lovely young ladies. For me that was awesome, because my motive for entering such a competition in the first place was to show people that a real beauty queen has curves.


You are studying in the health sector and being an HIV/AIDS Ambassador Kenya could be just exactly what you will wish for?

Yes! This is a matter that needs to be addressed on a serious level. Many have it but few know about it & how to prevent it.  But we should not overlook the fact that it will require a lot of work and effort. We’re currently getting in touch with HIV/AIDS foundation in Kenya to collaborate with. Then the work will begin in full gear. My family and friends are supportive in everything I do as long as I do not loose or forget who I am in the process. Next to God, they (my family and friends) know they will always come first in everything I do. Time is what we make of it and I will always have time for them. They are all extremely understanding. Such a blessing if you ask me.

How will you combine this with your studies and other activities?

In life I’ve learned that Knowledge and information are powerful things to be in possession of.  These two alone are a part of curing and preventing the HIV/AIDS virus from spreading. What I’ve learned so far in my healthcare studies and work will be put to good use. I want to teach men & women in Kenya & Africa in general about how diseases/ virus spread and how one can prevent it from happening by simple and affordable ways.  I want to bring awareness to the HIV/AIDS virus….

Giving something back to your motherland is always a great feeling. But does this end here now that you are an ambassador for you country?

Giving back to my motherland has always been a dream of mine. I didn’t ask to be brought to Europe and get the education i got and know the things I know. It just happened! And i strongly believe that everything I’ve worked for and everything I’ve experienced in life has a purpose. Nothing happens by mistake. I am here to do good, and at the end of the day if i help save one life…my work will be done & my heart will rejoice knowing that One life will help save another life… its called a chain reaction. Embrace yourselves because I am here. This is just the beginning…





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