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By SassyChic
Posted on 09 Jun 2011 at 2:11pm

In a recent interview with CNN, Winnie Mandella gave a candid interview about her thoughts and disapproval of the biopic of her life. Winnie talks about feeling insulted that she was not consulted on the movie. Winnie rightfully asks how they could possibly depict what she went through emotionally without even speaking with her about what she went through during those times and struggles.

I have to say I was surprised they did not confer with Winnie Mandella for her contributions for this movie considering she is the centre character of the biopic entitled ‘Winnie’.

During an interview with CNN at this years Cannes film festival Jennifer gives her response saying: “With good reason, she would feel that way,” said Hudson, addressing Mrs. Mandela’s recent threat to file a lawsuit if she didn’t see the script. “But I don’t think she will be disappointed.” Behind the scenes it’s been said that Jennifer wanted to speak with Winnie Mandella amidst all the controversy, however she was advised against this by the movie producers. It’s obvious in the interview she can’t say what she really wants to say. How shady does this sound? You could see how Winnie would feel insulted. Which is a shame becuase had the movie been made with her input I would have loved to have watched this movie.

Check out the two interviews below…


Winnie Mandella’s Interview with CNN:

Jennifer Hudson’s Interview On CNN:

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  • http://q mother

    yea i read so too ..and her problem is also that they didnt use someone from africa but america cos its abt africa and not black americans …

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  • Stacy

    I do not understand this at all, absolute crap, how re you going to make a movie about someone’s life without consultation with her? How will they even know what really happened to her without insight from her? Bull shyt

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