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By gossipmama
Posted on 13 Mar 2011 at 10:57am

I just stumbled on the below article which was published on Yahoo and it is really an interesting one. As women, most of us are aware of some of the very clues that give up men as PLAYERS. The article below has added more to my clues; maybe it will add some to yours too. Check it out below…


The guy you’ve started seeing is hot, charming, smart, confident and a highly accomplished love-maker. Sounds great (actually, sounds like me) but you have a nagging doubt that it’s all too good to be true. A player (also: playa) is a particular breed of man who prefers not be tied down to just one woman, and every girl with breasts will get played by one at some point.

By definition, you’re statistically likely to date a player because they date more girls than other men. So you should know the signs to look out for – here are 10 of them…

1) Swagger
You were nervous on your first date whereas he seemed to take it all in his stride, which you found attractive.  But it’s probably just because he’s been on about a thousand dates and knows how to make them end in sex.

2) Sex pub
Most players will have a ‘sex pub’. This is a nice, romantic spot where they will always take girls because it creates an ambience that makes girls amenable to the idea of sex. You can tell he’s a regular if the bar staff know him by name or he’s memorised all the available crisp flavours. And you will like the sex pub – that’s why it’s a sex pub.

3) Availability
A player cannot always be physically available because he needs to divide his time between you and the other chicks he’s drilling. So he might only be free once a week, or less. 

He might also often suggest meeting at short notice. Not because he’s spontaneous and exciting, but because one of his other girls has changed her plans and he’s calling you to fill her slot, so to speak.

4) Makes strange factual errors
The nature of a player’s lifestyle is that he’ll have multiple girls on the go at any given time, and this creates countless possibilities for confusion and factual slip-ups. If he thinks you like stick insects or your dad’s name is Alan – but it isn’t! – then it’s because he’s confused you with another girl. Likewise, he’ll never exactly remember what he’s told you about himself. For instance, he may tell you every time you see him that he trekked the Inca trail.

5) Online censorship
You’re at his house using his laptop and you check your Facebook. He’s logged out – always. The same goes for his email.

6) Phone
A player’s mobile is often used but rarely visible. Whenever he leaves the room, so does his phone.  Some players have two or more phones (although you’ll only ever see one of them). A really advanced player might leave his phone in full view on the bedside table while he’s in the toilet as an elaborate double bluff. That’s an example of the way many players are…

7) Clever
Which is why he’s able to get away with any of this. He’ll always cover his tracks, have a believable excuse and be adept at smooth-talking his way around discrepancies and accusations. Not all players are clever though. If you’re being played by one of the dimmer ones, that makes you even less clever than him.

8) Player paraphernalia
Flash car? Expensive watch? Silk sheets? Designer boxers? A real player will judge all purchases on whether they will increase his chances of having sex. You may think you can see past bling but don’t confuse a player with a pimp… a skilled player will own stuff that you actually like. He’ll smell nice too.

9) Friends
If you ask his mates/flatmates about him, they will clam up and give non-committal, monosyllabic answers, giving the impression they know virtually nothing about his life.

10) Communication
Texting is erratic. Give him a call at 9.32pm on a random night of the week and see if he answers…


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  • GoldenGurl

    OMG like this, man if you’re paranoid you will so ditch your dude even if you see him doing like half of one of these! lol thing is with cheating is, you will get caught most times and plus you cheat….karma’s a b*&@!t when I hear my pals tellin me their dudes are doing some of these things its a waste of time on the relationship coz she will see but she may not say but she will never really trust him or let him in coz she knows she will one day have the proof to run a mile and at least she hasn’t given too much of herself away! wats a chick to do ey. Problem is pals I have that know there dudes are cheating, they do the sweet talk and its back to square one! e no easy oh.

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  • Myne Whitman

    I agree that these types of articles can confuse one, but they make sense too. Just don’t be rash, but try out the tips.

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  • ghallday

    Good points. I patiently await the ones that shows ” she is shashii wowo”

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  • Ebila

    This is so true,even though i hate to admit it.Nice one!

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  • R@!cd0m

    OMG! Right when I read the part about it being “9:32″, I looked at the clock and it said 9:32 xD

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  • citygirl456

    LOL! Everything is true… Thank God I’m realizing this before I fell for him. Ugh, men.

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  • deathtoLUKA

    i like guys that are players………they are easy to get into bed and as a woman that is all i want. so who is playing who. ha ha

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