GC Weekly Tidbits From Around The World: More New Music From Timberland ft Brandy & More +Rhianna Banned in 11 Countries + Miarah & Nick’s Baby News + Halle’s Ex White Boyfriend Calls Her The ‘N’ Word ETC….0 Comments

By gossipmama
Posted on 06 Feb 2011 at 8:12pm

It seems Timberland is planning a huge comeback and has now teamed up with Brandy on this track entitled 808. I don’t love it but I do like it…check it out!

RnB Singer Ciara

RnB Singer Ciara

I have to say aside from her over-the-top-raunchy dance moves I do like Ciaria’s music some of the time. Here’s a track that didn’t make her latest Basic Instinct Album. It’s entitled ‘Flaws n All’.  What do you think?

He’s at it again…I had to add this one coz, well…it’s Fiddy and I love me some Fiddy. Check out this new track From 50 Cent ‘Old 2003 Ferrari’. This guy is  just too funny and not to be taken seriously at all!

I really didn’t want to say much more on the matter of Rhianna and this banned video controversy. In the entertainment business it’s hard to say if they are making all this fuss for the publicity or they are genuinely concerned that this girl has taken her over-sexed image too far this time.

Just to keep you in the loop about the drama without giving it free press, her new S&M video has allegedly been banned from 11 countries. Try as I might I could not find out which countries these were, though you can imagine which ones right?

Not only has she been banned but youtube has apparently censored the video and some claim they may even ban it altogether. Also and some radio stations won’t play it due to the over explicit lyrics.

As I always say, she is not doing this all by herself, she is the messenger and the media are taking numerous shots at her. I have to agree she needs to tone it down coz if I heard my young niece singing the lyrics I’d be fuming! Either way I take a pass at posing on here!

Well in with some good news! Seems the internet will be keeping us all well informed of the pregnancy of Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon. The couple have announced the sex of their twin babies and they are pleased to announce they are expecting a boy and a girl. Congrats to the happy couple!

I haven’t really been following the controversy over Halle Berry’s split with her Ex partner Gabriel Aubry (Versace Underwear Model). I heard so many stories of their on-going battle but I stopped short when it was reported by various blogs that he once called her a Nigger.

I first thought well IF this is true then that’s just ignorant of him because 1. she isn’t as we all know she is mixed race and 2. even if it weren’t true did you not notice this when you asked her out and was dating her?

Anyway I do hear that Americans class anyone who isn’t pure breed and has one drop as black. He has also reportedly asked many publications to retract descriptions of his daughter as being black. Well yes he is right but he just sounds vindictive.

Check out Usher’s latest look ladies? Apparently his female fans have been complaining saying he looks scruffy, well some like that bad boy I don’t care look. What do think people?

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