Weekly Tidbits From Around The World: New Music From: Rick Ross ft Drake; New Music From Snoop + 50 Cent Headphones + TI In Trouble In Jail + Lil Wayne Slats Dark Skinned Women, ETC…5 Comments

By SassyChic
Posted on 09 Jan 2011 at 11:38pm

Rick Ross

Rick Ross has released a new track from his upcoming album God Forgives. The track features Drake and is titled “Made Men”. I aint no Rick Ross fan but check it out. This is what’s up for 2011…apparently!

This is the second single off Snoop Dogg’s upcoming album ‘Doggumentary Music’. I do not believe this for one second but apparently this track was made especially for the bachelor party for Prince William. Yeah Right! Can you imagine him boopin’ to this?! Well hey ya never know! Anyway Parental Guidance Advised…you were warned!

50 Cent has taken a leaf out of Dr. Dre’s technology book and has released some amazing Platinum headphones in a well known Las Vagas Convention. The headphones will cost you $350 and for your money you get the advantage of the new wireless hybrid technology.

All TI wants to some alone time with his Mrs but guess they got A LOT carried away! During a recent visit at the Arkansas State Prison the two were said to have been caught in a sexual act landing him in some serious trouble with prison guards. No more ‘conjugal’ visits for him!

I’ve been wondering where Braxton has been aside from the one hit she released last year Toni Braxton has been off the media radar. Well here she is advertising her New Family Reality Show due to air in America I plan to be glued to the tv. What can I say, I know it’s not really ‘reality’ but im still nosey all the same!  The family includes also her sisters Traci, Towanda, Tamar, Trina and their mother Evelyn.

I read about Lil Wayne running his little midget mouth off about dark skinned women not being ‘beautiful enough’ for him and honestly it’s not worth my extensive ranting.  Necolebitchie’s blog explain how a couple of ladies went to a party in Miami where Lil Wayne, Birdman and others from that crew were hanging out. One member had the cheek to say the dark skinned girls who had been invited were ‘too pretty to be dark skin’. What does that even mean?! When then added his salt and pepper by quoting a verse from one of his songs that said “Beautiful Black Woman I bet that b*tch look better red”.

When one of the dark skinned girl said ‘Wayne your daughter is dark skin so why would u say such ignorance. he then said “my daughter is a dark skin millionaire that’s the difference between her and u”. The ignorance continues! Little Wayne goes on to mouth off. ‘MY daughter is the first and last dark skin child I’m having, the rest of my baby moms light skin chicks I even got an Asian baby moms to make sure I have a daughter with good hair, too bad we had a son’. I want to believe he was high, drunk and stupid and drunk at the same time!

Little Wayne has gone on record saying he never said any of it…did you write the track or not? Yes well then that’s that settled!

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  • maame

    Little wayne is just lamee.. ughhh

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  • http://www.noirgossip.com Miss T

    As much as I hate lil wayne, I don’t think he ever said any of that. The whole situation is too suspect. They all have condos down there so why the hotel room? Sounds like a hurt groupie who wrote necole bitchie to me. He and Mack have repeatly denied the rumors saying in part:
    ” Just read da funniest “blog story” ever about me n my fam…..We color blind over here…if a female is beautiful she’s beautiful!! Luv.” Wayne simply crushed the rumors by stating, “Y’all know I didn’t say that sh**!!!!!”
    . There seems to be so much going on with our stars that I can’t keep up from day to day with em all at once. Some things are just too ridiculous to comment on.

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    GoldenGurl Reply:

    I’m not a fan either and I’m well aware that media love to over indulge in the truth! BUT lil wayne is as thick as two wooden planks because you have a track that talks about it and he quotes that line all the time. He can’t deny his stupid backward opinion on it if he goes on record sayin “Beautiful Black woman, bet that bitch look better red” he raps that so he can’t dent it. So is he sayin he doesn’t think dark skinned women are less attractive OR is he claimin the situation never occurred?

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  • Lucious

    Snoop is something else! I heard he was ‘mates’ with the prince…ha ha ha too funny but seriously do the future king of England want that trash talk at his bachelor party but then again I guess that what such parties are all about. What annoys me about snoop is he talk trash but his music is addictive and I repeated this track how many times! cudn’t help it. lol

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