January 6th, 2011

Up & Comin’ Music for 2011: Who is Janelle Monae…?

Posted on 06 Jan 2011 at 12:31pm

And there’s me thinkin’ I knew what was up in the diverse and eclectic music scene! Until today I had never heard of nor listened to any of Janelle Monae’s  music yet she has been movin’ n groovin’ since 2005.

Born and Raised in Kansas City, this 25 year old Grammy-Nominated singer, songwriter, dancer, and performer has been described by the Time as being ‘young and fearless enough to try anything’. Janelle is currently signed to Bad Boy/Atlantic Records after meeting Diddy in 2006 when she was introduced by Big Boi who loved her style and sound as soon as they saw her.

Her earlier releases did not hit it off as well as was hoped but in 2010 Janelle released her first studio album ’The ArchAndroid (Suites II and III) and released the track Tightrope late 2010. The video and music is really something out of this world. There is no doubt she brings her theatre and dance training into her performances and music.

Strangely enough Janelle has been compared to James Brown, Andre 3000, Lady Gaga and Lauryn Hill. Her vocals are unquestionable and she raps a good hook. The talent appears endless. Her mix of comparisons  should give you an idea of the strange and eclectic mix that you get when you come across the artist. Everything about her is quirky and perculiar! Listening and reading some of her intervies and music she is truly eccentric and quite bizarre. Janelle’s is said to never perform out of her signature tuxedo outfit and funky moves. Yet you can’t help but stare and wonder what her style, dance and music is all about.

Below is the video for the hit track TightRope…Enjoy!

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