December 28th, 2010

Spring/Summer Fashion Forecaster For 2011

Posted on 28 Dec 2010 at 7:55pm

I can’t help but get ahead of time and take a sneak peak at the key trends for 2011 spring/summer seasons. Well ladies it is truly my duty to keep SassyChic! readers in the loop and up to date!

Spring/Summer 2011 trends are predicted to be an assortment of Biker Chic Clothing, Bell Bottoms, Punk Fashion, Bold Stripes, Tail Hems,  Tassels, lace, Bow Shirts and kitten heels. If some of that sounds a bit puzzling you can get on trend here with pictures to keep you in the know!


Tried, Tested and Recommended: Hand Creams for Rough or Dry Hands

Posted on 28 Dec 2010 at 9:23am

I’d like to think that for some of us ladies may have such dry or rough hands because of course we are hard working labour intensive women….well that’s what my excuse was when someone (it’s always the dudes and your rude aunties) would ask why my hands were not soft.

I would hold up both my hands with a sarcastic slightly smile and answer…these are the hands of a hard working woman! But no…this is not actually the case. I got my hands from my pops side of the family, even one of his young granddaughters has it so there you go. What’s a gurl to do with these genetically imperfect ‘gifts’. Of course it didn’t help that I used to spring clean the kitchen and bathroom with no gloves, you can imagine what those chemicals did to my hands, they were becoming dangerous weapons!

Well if you experience the same issue of having rough hand for whatever reason, all is not lost ladies. Everyone and I mean EVERYONE has something to deal with on their bodies that they may seem to be embarrassing or inconvenient but to be honest if you can change it with lotions and positions there’s really nothing to stress about. I myself am happy to report that I have much softer hands through using the cream that is best suited to me and of course taking better care of them. (more…)

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