December 8th, 2010

Weekly Forecaster: Serious Talks! The Good Signs!

Posted on 08 Dec 2010 at 8:13pm

As the last edition to the relationship forecaster, this is the most vital stage to pay close attention to ladies. This week we’ll be talking about the ‘serious and notable discussions you have at this stage with a relatively new guy about ‘where you go from here.’

 So here you both are, you had the amazing dates, met the friends maybe enjoyed intimate moments so this is now the moment when dating gets serious. Relationship experts explained that whoever initiates the conversation, where you have it and what you say speaks volumes about the success of your relationship. This is something that many of us may already know but once again we ignore these possible signs.

 Relationship expert Adrienne Burgess (author of Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?: How to Ensure Your Relationship Will Last) says “monitoring the keenness of your new guy is key to working out what the future of your relationship looks like!” If you find who is constantly doing all the running and he’s just tagging along with no real chase or keenness, then this does not look good.

 Burgess goes on to explain that “if it’s him that initiates the, ‘where are we going’ conversation or what do you want from this’ questions, then you’re more likely to have a long and happy partnership.

 What you need to consider at this early stage in your relationship is trying to speed things up by instigating the conversation yourself will only affect the power balance between the two of you and you’ll end up feeling vulnerable (sound familiar?) well this feeling will only continue throughout the relationship if it starts off with you initiating such discussions or conversations.

Another bit of advice on these issues of serious conversations is the suggestion that the bedroom is not the best place for discussions like this. Burgess continues by saying “if he has the serous chat after sex it could be more to do with his endorphins (chemicals in the brain that leads to a feeling of euphoria) and getting caught up in the moment than being true to the way he really feels.”

The best results generally occur when the conversation is seemingly spontaneous but the result of him initiating and thinking about talks of further the relationship coming from him. So if your one day strolling along romantically an d he blurts out that he thinks you should spend more time together, that is an obvious good time as oppose to you making that same suggestion.

Apparently ladies, the key to suggesting these serious discussions out is to let him do the talking, without realising it, he’ll be telling you all you need to know about the kind of boyfriend he’ll be in the future. All you have do is listen to what he is and isn’t saying!

Thanks for logging on for the weekly Relationship Forecaster, hope it’s been a bit of an eye opener!

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