December 2nd, 2010

Weekly Forecaster: The Meet and Greet!

Posted on 02 Dec 2010 at 10:14am

So you’ve had a handful of successful dates, sparks are flying in every direction and so far he’s being the prince charming you’ve always dreamed about (unless he’s good at hiding himself, or your ignoring/not reading the signs). By this time there’s no way he hasn’t displayed questionable habits like the dodgy late night call or being out with the boys most weekends.

Well news flash ladies we have bad habits that he is watching too, if he hasn’t pointed them out it’s one of two things, he either doesn’t care enough to say it and has no plans to continue a long term relationship OR he likes you that much he overlooks the minor things that we women might think is the end of the world were it a man doing it. What I’m saying here is, you need to decide the same thing! Are these habits and hints that he’s dropping detrimental or just things that can be worked on (wink wink).

This week I’m talking about the meeting and greeting of friends. If a guy you’ve recently started seeing is hinting for you to meet his friends or family we all know it’s generally a good sign. Not only does it signal the possibility of his commitment towards you it also means you get a chance to see him in a different light. When you meet a guy it really is just you and him in the beginning so you haven’t really had a chance to see him in all his colourful characters! Ever met a guy who is all confidence and he gets around a group of people then turns into a mouse or the guy that forgets or even there? So meeting with him and his friends is really the best and quickest way to see if you can fit nicely into each others lives…why?

The fact is we tend to surround ourselves with people that have a majority of similarities to ourselves. According to relationship expert’s it’s just how it is and it happens naturally. This is why we naturally gravitate or move away towards certain people. With this in mind when you meet his friends if they also feel like your friends then the chances are your relationship with your new guy has great potential. After all if you can feel like you have an amazing friendship with a guy you just met then you might be onto a winner.

An early meet a greet with him also shows that his friends play an important part in his life. A man who likes to involve his friends in his dating is a social person and it’s likely he’ll want to include them in your relationship say relationship experts. How much involvement depends on what you can handle or you feel might cause issues within your relationship, got to get the balance right.

Forecaster Question – What Types Of Sports Are You Into?

Apparently solo sports such as swimming or running indicate a loner who savours his independence. Football and rugby fans are competitive and likely to surround themselves with people. Unsporty types tend to be sensitive and thinkers!

See you next week for more forecaster tips!

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