December, 2010

How You Will Not Repeat The Mistakes Of 2010, Grab It Now!

Posted on 31 Dec 2010 at 9:13pm

So soon, a new year has catch up on us and most of us will be doing a lot of reflection and planning. In one of my post this year titled “Mistakes Are Important Part Of Life”, I stated the importance of mistakes as we journey through life, do not ignore or lament over your mistakes of 2010.

Rather embrace it with a smile and critically scrutinize the cause and follies that lead to the mistakes so as to step away from a similar occurrence in the New Year. (more…)

Are You Talking To Me? ‘Pride…The Fall of Man’ Swallow It & Grow Wiser

Posted on 31 Dec 2010 at 12:10pm

“Know what you know, know what you don’t know, and know who knows what you don’t know”

It takes a certain type of person with a certain type of quality to take on board constructive feedback and constructivism, no matter how painful the advise may seem. The first time someone told me ‘you’re too sensitive in nature’ I’d look at them as if they were speaking a native  language from an undiscovered African Village. Me? Sensitive? If you say so! The thing is when someone makes such a comment about our personality, you can either brush it off in denial or think, do they have a point? Either way when the fifth or tenth person says it then it’s not denial it’s turning into arrogance!


Spring/Summer Fashion Forecaster For 2011

Posted on 28 Dec 2010 at 7:55pm

I can’t help but get ahead of time and take a sneak peak at the key trends for 2011 spring/summer seasons. Well ladies it is truly my duty to keep SassyChic! readers in the loop and up to date!

Spring/Summer 2011 trends are predicted to be an assortment of Biker Chic Clothing, Bell Bottoms, Punk Fashion, Bold Stripes, Tail Hems,  Tassels, lace, Bow Shirts and kitten heels. If some of that sounds a bit puzzling you can get on trend here with pictures to keep you in the know!


Tried, Tested and Recommended: Hand Creams for Rough or Dry Hands

Posted on 28 Dec 2010 at 9:23am

I’d like to think that for some of us ladies may have such dry or rough hands because of course we are hard working labour intensive women….well that’s what my excuse was when someone (it’s always the dudes and your rude aunties) would ask why my hands were not soft.

I would hold up both my hands with a sarcastic slightly smile and answer…these are the hands of a hard working woman! But no…this is not actually the case. I got my hands from my pops side of the family, even one of his young granddaughters has it so there you go. What’s a gurl to do with these genetically imperfect ‘gifts’. Of course it didn’t help that I used to spring clean the kitchen and bathroom with no gloves, you can imagine what those chemicals did to my hands, they were becoming dangerous weapons!

Well if you experience the same issue of having rough hand for whatever reason, all is not lost ladies. Everyone and I mean EVERYONE has something to deal with on their bodies that they may seem to be embarrassing or inconvenient but to be honest if you can change it with lotions and positions there’s really nothing to stress about. I myself am happy to report that I have much softer hands through using the cream that is best suited to me and of course taking better care of them. (more…)

UP & COMING ARTIST FOR 2011: Who Is Talay Riley?

Posted on 27 Dec 2010 at 3:55pm

I remember seeing this guy singing the hook in Chipmunks’ number 1 Hit single ‘Oopsy Daisy’ music Video and thinkin’ ‘who’s he’?

So who is Taylay Riley? If you don’t recognise the name now, you soon will!

Taylay Riley is being dubbed the new Taio Cruz of the new year due to his extensive music writing flair. Like Taio Cruz this 20 year old London Based singer/song writer has worked with the likes of Chipmunks, Tinchy Stryder,  JLS, Jamie Fox, Justin Bieber and Tinie Tempah.

The East London raised Taylay’s musical influences can only be described as surprisingly eclectic, on his myspace page he mentions inspirational sounds such as country, indie and rock music. Taylay explains,  “I knew I wanted to branch over,” he explains, “I didn’t just want to be the typical R&B black guy which I thought was what people would expect from me. So I took it upon myself to listen to all that stuff, I sat down and taught myself to enjoy it and after a while it became natural.”

Signed by Jive Records in 2009 he released a debut track ‘Humanoid’ and is due to release his single ‘Sergeant Smash’ which is out on the 31st of January 2010.

Watch This Space, Watch these videos!

NEW FEATURE: Sassy Woman & Chic Technology! The New BLACKBERRY PLAYBOOK 2011

Posted on 19 Dec 2010 at 4:22pm

I’ve been considering this great post for a while now but I have to admit I held back because like most of us it’s way to tempting to stereotype, and for a second I was thinking does your typical female care about up and coming contemporary technology? Hell yes we do! So apologies all for the fleeting false assumption, besides we’d all love an iPad or a touch screen laptop given the chance, right? Besides what’s any of these gadgets got to do with gender? SO, I shall be bringing you all weekly updates on the latest, greatest and sassy gadgets out there. (more…)

The Debate Continues: Female Artists TOO Raunchy or Clever and Cunning Marketing?

Posted on 19 Dec 2010 at 1:56pm

QUESTION? Are we here in Britain starting to sound like ‘old hags’ and constantly moaning too much about the level of raunchiness on TV? OR is it a case of the general public being too desensitized to the over exposure of the typical female artists outlook and over-gyrating dance moves seen in most music videos today.

I wrote a similar post about Ciara and her famous dance antics some weeks back, asking whether she just over exposing herself in tasteless and tacky entertainment antics or she is being a smart and savvy business woman and using what she knows and what she has to pull in the dosh. After all who can doubt her ‘gravity defying’ dancing moves!

The latest uproar however concerns another well known female artist who is infamous for the same accustaions. It was reported that on the Final of this years X-Factor show, viewers made over 2,000 complaints to the channels regulator OfCom, and who was the star in Question? Of course you know who it is! Non other than the ‘bikini wearing’ musician Rihanna…who else??

The 22 year old Bajan Born Singer performed her current single ‘What’s My Name’ in what can only be described as two bits of designer material that she appears to have been sown into (I’m thinkin’ a couple of sizes to small as her butt checks out for the nation to see). The performance starts of so sophiscated and glam, then BAM! she half naked. I guess you could say it take guts and confidence to perform such a performance…I guess!

I pretty much feel I and many others have figured ok what this whole over-sexed female artist thing is all about. The music industry has it cunningly sussed and when they say sex sells…it’s no joke. This is how in my opinion it works. Now, I’m a heterosexual chick so wathcin’ Rihanna march up and down the X-Factor stage in next to nothing does….nothing for me and many other ladies such as myself. The guys however it’s a different story. The men like, the men drawl, the men watch the videos and listen to the music on tv and radio, the whole look has caught his undivided attention.

Now whether we choose to deny it or not if it gets a man’s attention, insecure or not…a woman wants to know about it! It’s an unconscious thing for women to invest in ourselves in what we feel may please a, or our men. So we buy into the brand that is Rihanna because it gets the men’s undivided attention.  Hey presto she’s selling records…trust me that’s the simplified verstion, coz no one is trying to tell me it’s men flocking to the music stores buying her albums and making her album number three on the Billboard 200, selling 207,000 copies in its first week. This will make it her fifth top-ten album of Rihanna’s career in the US. Well done her I guess as Rihanna and her ‘savvy team’ appear to believe in the idea of ‘by any meanz necessary’.

Many a male friend, brother, colleague etc has told me they are not epically fans of Rihanna’s music, nor have they bought or even bothered to download her album. Ask these same guys if they fancy her, you get the ‘don’t be stupid she’s HOT look’.

This is not to say she is the first or the last, as we well know other muscian’s such as Britney, Beyonce, Ciaria Keri Hilson and others are all doing the very same thing. Plus we know this didn’t all start just the other day either. Remember some of Madonna questionable outfits? What about Cher? Remember her video ‘Turn Back Time’? Bring the innocent sounded dayz of Mariah Carey singing ‘Vision of Love’. Ahhh remember those innocent dayz?

I hear you all sayin’ ‘well if you don’t like it switch over’ The problem with her performing on this particular show is it’s about the contest so unless you will switch over and switch back, you’re not given a choice in the matter! So for us ladies it’s a case of ‘BUYERS BEWARE!’ or you could always contact Ofcom and have a long moan! Watch the video and tell me what you think…not that bad? Or she could do with covering up more?.

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