November 25th, 2010

Your Weekly Love Forecaster: Second Date!

Posted on 25 Nov 2010 at 9:58am

So you like him enough to see him for a second date. So far so good! He is the ‘perfect amazing, gorgeous man’. Well, it’s still early days of course so hold off the meeting with his family….for now!

This date should really be more relaxed and more familiar so if he’s intimidating you with his your gorgeous looks, ask yourself if you do feel relaxed and familiar in his company. Also ask yourself before you meet on this date what the connection is like between when you met and now… Does he feel accessible? Does your stomach flip when you hear from him or are you just forcing an issue?

If he is inaccessible (phone calls, being ‘too busy’) in the early stages, chances are this is how will he be as a partner (if he makes it to that stage). The place he chooses to take you could also give you an idea on the way he approaches life too. Does he play it safe and stick to a bar, or does he suggest something original to do. Is he laid back or does he stress about little things? All these questions will do for you is give you a clever and smart way of sussing and figuring him out.

These are all things that subconsciously or consciously you are likely to be aware of but you may just not choosing to tune into! So this is all about picking up on anything that feels a bit ‘off’ and choosing to move past it as irrelevant or a huge warning sign!


How long have you known your best/closest friend?

A man who met his best friend at school is loyal, but doesn’t like change. It’ll take time to gain his trust. If he has close friends from all areas of his life he’s easily adaptable and the kind of person you can take anywhere.

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