November 22nd, 2010

Money Ain’t A Thing…Would You Buy These Then?

Posted on 22 Nov 2010 at 11:14pm

Whether you catch the odd catwalk show or you follow them relentlessly, at some point,( like me) do you look at the models and think…is that ever gonna be in someone’s wardrobe?

I don’t really have an artistic or eccentric eye when it comes to some of the designer creations, but I do very much love and crave uniqueness in my wardrobe.

I came across these ‘shoes’ from NUDE UNITED   ($1, 295) a few days back and thought yuck! I thought who will buy and wear these in broad day light? As much as I do believe in ‘each to their own’. But then I saw Kim Kardashian wearing them so there you go. The magazine proudly stated that lady crazy gaga also owns them so I thought no wonder I’m not feelin’ them!

These ‘shoes’ might make heads turn but I’m guessin’ it would be for all the wrong reasons… As the saying goes ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’.

So the question is, would you wear any of these shoes if money were no object? Is it me or are they not for the average chick walking the streets of…anywhere!  I’m saying….thanks but no thanks!

Picture 1&2 NUDE UNITED $250.00  and $580.00

Picture 3&4 ANTONIO BARADI $3600 and $6,600

Picture 5 Marc Jacobs (Price Upon Request aka  Ching Ching)

Picture 6 Christian Louboutin (Price Upon Request )

Picture 7 Marc Jacobs (Price Upon Request )

Fresh & New Video: Yetunde Johnson Brings “Favourite Things”

Posted on 22 Nov 2010 at 10:47pm

Wassup  Readers !

I have a special exclusive video from an upcoming musician “Yetunde Johnson” who happens to be my personal friend.

I am posting a preview of her latest video for your honest opinion. All constructive criticisms and suggestions are readily welcome.

Check out the video, photos and profile of Yetunde Johnson below…

Yetunde Johnson is a UK based singer song writer from North London. Yetunde was born in Lagos Nigeria on May 31st 1985 and resided there until her parents migrated to the UK when she was five years old.

Just two years later Yetunde was singing at her local church every weekend and soon started touring with a youth choir started by her father at various gospel concerts around the UK.

This carried on into her late teens and by then it was clear Yetunde had come into her own as a solo artist with her definitive voice and style of writing.

Yetunde began recording demos in a friends make shift studio which were produced by her brothers production company Niimp (Nothing is impossible) records and spent time perfecting her craft by writing and recording weekly.

Although Yetunde carried on with her studies and a string of odd jobs, she still maintained a strong connection to her passion for recording and performing and worked with different UK artist such as Loudmouth, Offkey, Yolanda Brown, comedian Eddie Kadi, and shared the stage with gospel legend Ron Kenoly.

By the summer of 2008 Yetunde signed up with Real Music and Management a week before her 23rd birthday. A few months after she was signed to Green Garden Records as their first female solo artist and began recording her debut album in both the US and UK.

Alongside the likes of Anita Mcloud, Chris Arms, Benny Bizzie and Danny Schogger, Yetunde wrote and co-wrote her whole album and also collaborated with label mate Haydon Eshun on a track.

She describes the songs on her album as an outlet of emotions which draw from personal experiences, conversations and humorous situations witnessed in every day life.

Slated to be released autumn 2011, Yetunde’s album titled “Favourite Things” will definitely be a refreshing edition to the music scene, UK and beyond.

Motivational Message Of The Week: How To Gravitate Towards “Becoming A Millionaire”, The Simplest Realistic Concept But Difficult To Practise

Posted on 22 Nov 2010 at 5:03am

Many are of the view that success is relative. I do not contend this stand but in our world where many are chasing a common goal, this fades away the relativity of success, crafting a common objective measuring rode for us all.

Most individuals would love to become millionaires one day; a set target to signify a successful breakthrough in their lives of hard work and running around. We have set a common goal of “becoming a millionaire”, however we are lost as to the direction to be taken to reach our “millionaire” goal. (more…)

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