November 13th, 2010

Healthy Foods Myths Revealed

Posted on 13 Nov 2010 at 5:33pm

It seems to me that the experts are always changing their minds about what is healthy eating and what is not, so it’s no wonder some of us are confused! I’ve always had a thing about knowing about food and nutrition because I see it as another way of choosing the way I want to look and feel and I can do it by myself. In keeping with this interest, I always feel like what is good today is not so good on another day.

Like many other females, I know much about the off and on dieting patterns and you surely learn much along the way, you soon figure out what works and what doesn’t. FSA (Foods Standard Agency ) has outlined some important points to know about the myths surrounding those infamous diet tips!


How Short Is Too Short?

Posted on 13 Nov 2010 at 12:06am

Trya Banks Age: 37

Whether we choose to admit it or not we all have certain features we love about ourselves the most.  I have to admit the one thing I can boast about is my luscious legs!…it’s the best part I love about me, so when I’m out raiding the sale rails and the er…not so on sale rails,  I can’t help but buy skirts and dresses that will highlight my best features.

Sometimes though I think, I should leave it to the teens and the younger lot in their early twenties.  In a way I think wearing less clothing and showing more skin can make you appear older in some ways!

When it comes to the celebs it would seem it’s ok.  So what I want to know is, Is there an age when it just ain’t right to have your lovely legs on display? Is it ever possible to be classy wearing a short skirt or dress after a certain age? AND is it ok for women over a certain age to wear short skirts/dresses just because they still look good when we do?

I personally think these ladies look amazing! So I may Just Keep a few of the ‘I can still get in a car and save my pride and dignity’ skirts and dresses. You know those outfits where you think if you dropped something on the floor it may just have to stay there!  lol.


Alicia Keys Age: 29

Ashanti Age: 30

Amerie Age: 30

Brandy Age 31

Kerry Washington Age: 38

Nia Long Age: 40

Halle Berry Age: 44

Nia Long Age: 40

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